Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weird or no?

I am currently listening to christmas carols pretty much because my life has decided to continue to suck. I have unanimously decided to "un-suck" it and proceed to my happiest season of the year. No one said i can't exist in la la land, you are free to join me after all everyone is automatically a citizen but most people don't like to live there. I do! Sometimes.....like now. I'm listening to piano hymns and they are very soothing.

By the way, after going through all this stress because of med school, woe betide anyone who asks for free medical care. Okay, okay, i kid, i kid. Free health care for the underprivileged. For all my friends who are waiting patiently for me to graduate so i can treat you for free, I'm not kidding! Don't even look at me if you don't come with money. You should even pay me double to compensate for my troubles.

I'm so sorry for the man that decides he wants to marry me. My dad is Edo, so our bride price is next to nothing. 21 naira, the last time i checked. Anyway, that's their business. I will set my own bride price and collect it myself since my dad doesn't even bother collecting the 21naira. He shouldn't try that play. After all this suffer, he will now give me away for free? It's not happening. My Igbo side will kick in that time.

This is just SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le sigh......


  1. not wierd. i listen to christmas carols all year round cos i hate actual christmas in december and refuse to participate in the commercialism..

  2. Babes ull have to atleast give steep discount to friends o. ahn ahn dats wat ive been tellin all d ppl i know going to med school o :) nne adim very serious o. its a matter of man know man lol

  3. le sigh? lool smh
    Igbo bride price is like 200 naira or sumn. and then the relations still have to split the money lool.

  4. kitkat which part of igbo are you talking about that their bride price is 200 naira? Abeg o! I refuse that.

  5. Does it mean I am in La la land too? I caught myself several times last week humming christmas songs and I thought that was wierd since Christmas is still very far off.
    As per the bride price, you could get that in a very expensive engagement ring cos they might say it is against culture for you to collect money yourself.
    @ Kitkat: Ibo bride price isnt N200 o. It is one of the most expensive in the country that is why the joke that Ibo men marry late because of the cost of brideprice went round.

  6. I can't imagine playing carols outside of the Christmas period, I won't want to stop then, lol. All the best with med school dear.

  7. lol we were talkin bout bride price in my african civ class todauy
    (i get free care tho right?)

  8. Listening to Chritmas carols????
    That one pass me
    Re: Bride price..I am Edo also and I often tell my hubby that he got a bargain.
    He replies by saying 'the bargain wey come dey run bele' (the bargain that has become a problem)
    The cheek!!

  9. I smiled all through this blog right down to the 'le sigh'. I just adore that and am going to have to 'steal' it shamelessly. Le smile.

    You will shine at the end of it all Madama Sting and be a top notch Doktor to the glory of God of God.... Pls 21 naira is good.

    My ekiti kith and kin dashed me away for 5N and then even gave that back with a warning about not beating me with a broom! What! So anything else is fine but God forbid a broom? Lol!

    Christmas carols in April? Carry go o jare!

    I needed this mental break. Thanks Madam Sting.

  10. It is weird o. But if listening to xmas carol in April makes your sucked moment unsucked, then go on listening to it. It is your life, your music set, your ear etc etc. You owe nobody no apology.

    Plse finish your med school in time o and come to Naija to establish free health care as a way of paying back the community (as if the community pay you before).

    I envy the lucky guy who is going to take an already packaged babe home all for free.

    All the best.

  11. I'm always in la la land! It's fun and peaceful! *smiles*

    Wait o, 21 naira ONLY?!?! You gosta be kidding me!!! NO wayyyyyy

    I have no idea wat Yoruba bride price is..hmmm...I shall find out!

  12. Lol...I'm Edo too. I dnt understand why the brideprice is soo cheap after parents have invested sooo much...l

  13. Seriously!!!! After all this stress Im sure my pride price will not reach 21 naira sef.This is soooo unfair! Im upping my brideprice #thatisall!

  14. In my zones brdeprice is like N150... and sometimes I hear the folks give the in-laws back... all this suffer...true indeed

    Hang in with school...Good luck...x

  15. Lmao...I totally relate with that xmas carol singing.
    In retrospect for the brideprice parole, how about this proposition. Deceive the man into thinking smoothly ever after by obliging the 21naira bride price and drain him for the rest of his life...:)

  16. Yay!!! Free medical care. Oya, graduate nau? :D

    Chai! I hope you at least let your future dude pay installmentally nau? lol


  17. ay, my beloved sting...lol u so funny. I want to learn how to un-suck too. Wonderful idea.

  18. lolololol..somebody dey provoke ooo, nooo remb the tuber of yams, plenty ogogoro, palm oil & salt.

    you berra charge me nathing when i come to see you ooo, or else....

  19. Christmas Carol in April...that's sweet and weird.
    Pele Dokita. It isnt easy. We're rooting for you!
    And that bride price thing, N21?? That's is not funny oo. Abeg insist on Ibo dowry :). n/b It increases with each degree


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