Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fire Alarm

I've literally been up for over a week and a half studying for exams. I finally get to sleep tonight without being under the watchful eyes of my alarm clock. Well, guess what happens at 5am? The freaking firealarm goes off and won't stop. So as much as i wanted to, i couldn't ignore it. I put on a hoodie and wore some sweat pants, left all my belongings in my apartment and went outside. I really need to come up with a fire plan cos my present plan (which consists of grudgingly leaving my apartment carrying nothing but my house keys) is not going to cut it.

Some long throat decided to bake some pizza at night, then proceeded to fall asleep.

Number 1) Who eats pizza at night? I'm not talking midnight snack. This is the middle of the night
Number 2) He must be the president of winches and wizards association (confused as to why i would say that, look at reason number 1)
Number 3) Still confused? Fine, i'll say it. Only winches and wizards eat in the dead of the night. So if you have the habit of eating late at night, you must be a witch/winch or a wizard. Check urself. Ask questions :)
Number 4) If you are too sleepy to wait for your food, then u r don't need to try to eat. Just go to sleep. Leave those long throat sturves for sometime else.
Number 5) Why didn't he use the microwave like his mates? I refuse to believe he was baking that pizza from scratch. Yeah right!
Number 6) See as the boy be sef. I should have slapped him just to feel better. Then i would end up in jail and not get any sleep. Bad idea.
Number 7) I better be able to fall back asleep or else.......
Number 8) ........or else nothing. I can't do crap.
Number 9) The devil is a lie (and a liar)! I must sleep this sleep. I earned it.

UPDATE: This dude did not even wake up, the fire fighters had to bang on his door. My friend talked to him and noted he was kinda high. We both concluded he had the munchies.


  1. Can you imagine???

    No mind d boy jor... Oyibo people like food too much

  2. lol i eat in the middle of the night all the time. i always knew i wasnt a muggle!! :p

  3. But if I were you, I woulda slaped the boys, everything worths a try, you might not go to jail for doing that lol.

  4. haha!!!! i know how you feel when i have finally decided to sleep then the fire alarm goes off i swear that period i speak different languages lol :)

  5. Geez!! See how he endangered all your lives hisssssssss. I actually eat at night all the time oh. I love it. I'm checking myself lol.


  6. lol.... i know how annoying the fire alarm thing gets, worse of all at nite

  7. lol it was fun back in college - not so much anymore

  8. The boy is a BFF (Born For Food). Thank God there is a good fire service over there. If not we would have been saying a different thing now.

    Hope you were able to catch your much deserved sleep. Have you woken up? Lol

  9. okay this was funny.

    But then you just...called me a wizard!

  10. Indeed it must have been the munchies, Igbo must be the culprit. LOL...

  11. lol...hope you slept eventually?

  12. I didn't sleep properly until yesterday. My body is not just used to sleeping more then 4 hrs at a time. Even 4 hrs sef, na by force. I had to force myself to sleep 8hrs last night because i was exhausted and block 4 just started.

  13. Haha, I literally lol'd at this!

    Made my day haha. Thank God I don't eat at night! Even sef, my father will kill me! He doesn't like us eating at night at all, it drives him nuts! lol


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