Monday, April 25, 2011

Love @ First Sight

Seriously guys, is there really such a thing as love as first sight?
Isn't it really attraction at first sight or lust at first sight?

What is this love sef and how do you know that's what you are feeling? I asked a friend how he knew he loved someone and he said "Cos it's biting me in my heart"

Lord Jesus, please save us all from the kind of love that has teeth. I am trying to imagine what it looks like and it's not pretty.

(Biting love; that one no be vampire so?)

I don't believe in love at first sight, neither do i believe in falling in love before you have time to get to know someone. Call me cynical but how can you love what you don't know? I'm willing to accept reasonable explanations. Convince me otherwise.

I'll put my money on attraction at first sight, lust at first sight (for a lot of people) before i ever pick love at first sight. I think it's a cheap phrase that sounds good, feels good, therefore people gravitate towards it.

Am i right or am i just a cynical old woman looking the burst love's bubble (well, the one without teeth cos the one with teeth seems scary and i wouldn't go near it, talkless of trying to burst its bubble. I dey crase?).

*I wrote this during my spring break and i can't help laughing at my silliness. I really don't know where some of the things i write/say/think come from* 
Just in case you were wondering (and you probably weren't but i'll tell you anyway) I'm a professional nonsense talker in real life :)


  1. i buy into attraction at first few minutes of talking or meeting each at first sight no. lust at first sight is also a real one.

  2. its wierd but there is ooo but rarely rare

  3. Lol! You are definitely not a cynical old woman, you're a cynical young woman and if agreeing with you makes me one too then well...

    You're totally right. How can you love someone when you don't even know them? Love at first sight is a hormonal phenomenon which makes you want to shag the person. Na lust!


  4. This is where I put a tab on you. LOL. Maybe you'd do the whole attraction-at-first-...-ooops-i-think-this-is-love. THEN YOU'D BLOG ABOUT IT. HEHE

  5. There is really love at first sight because the whole attraction, lust you mentioned are part of love LOL...

  6. I believe there is ATTRACTION & LUST at first sight ....but love? way!

  7. its just lust and attraction,i dont believe there is except material things like shoes and bags :D

  8. Lmao...confirmed!!indeed you are a nonsense talker...except your nonsense makes sense...Love at first sight ko, love at last sight ni!
    Just like you, to me, it is attraction first and then gradual growing in love, not even falling!

  9. lol @ professional nonsense talker!

    Love at first sight is not real jare!

  10. about there is kuku no such thing as love, whether first sight or last sight.

    There is just who you wanna be with and who you dont wanna be with.


  11. There cannot be love without knowledge. And since you can know someone by merely looking at the person, then you can't love at first sight.
    What if I see someone for the first time and I say I love the person and want to marry him, he then tells me he's a gigolo and he has AIDS, will I say sorry, I don't love you any more?
    Truth is I never loved him cos I never knew him

  12. Trust me,it's not just you.Personally,i've heard it exists,but i've not experienced it so i can't say i believe in it or not.


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