Thursday, April 7, 2011

I just killed the man of my dreams

He was never real anyway. A mishmash of thoughts and words, of hopes and dreams. He is supposed to exist, only i do not know him yet. While his mates are talking plane rides, he decided to walk and take forever to get to me. I know he exists, always there, but never there.

Well, i'm tired! I don't want him anymore and i know i'll most likely be disappointed when i finally meet him because he'll turn out to have everything i said i wanted except he'll be ugly, bald and short with a pot belly for good measure. If i try to complain, everyone would say "why are you complaining, na fine we wan chop?". Well, no be fine we wan chop but i have to at least be able to look at him. Would it be fair to me, if everyday i look at him and invoke the spirits of my fore-fathers to beg them not to allow our kids look like him? Don't i have other more important things to worry about? Or he'll be as hot as a Grecian god but dumb as fuck and a womanizing ashawo to boot. As my friend would say, God no cheat anybody. No one can have it all and i know that.

So today, i decided, after little thought (my brain is too full with neuro and phys to think too deeply into these things) that i am done! So i killed the man of my dreams. If you decide to be like a cat and have nine lives, hear this straight from the horses mouth....leave me. No come again! I no do!

I'm taking an indefinite extended leave of absence from all fantasies and things that have to do with you.

P.S. No be this one dey worry me o! I don't even know where this nonsense came from. If i was a normal person, it would have been a poem, but i hate poems. I really needed to let off steam and feel like a human being for a second.

P.P.S Thanks for all your comments on all my posts. I know i'm not good at responding to comments. I really don't have the time this block (it's on fire!), but i read them all.  Some make me smile, some make me laugh, some encourage me and help me to get through med school life (this is not real life, it's a continuous hazing process). I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave me a nice comment. You guys are good people.

P.P.P.S (what the hell is ppps?) Med school is tough and i'm feeling it more than ever this block. By all accounts it doesn't get easier. Please pray for me. I'm not even playing.


  1. FIRSTTTTTT...(hopefully someone else didnt write a comment while i was busy congratulating myself bout being first)
    awwww.... if i prayed, i would probably be praying for you.
    yeah, i have the female of my dreams on life support now, im bout to dead that bitch soon enough. so i know what you are going through.

  2. I am not sure I am one of the thankees. but thank thee very much.
    Please dont kill him yet. It is darkest before dawn so they say.....

  3. HAHHAHA...PPPS..classic. It is well with you, the end will definitely justify the means, keep pushing. @ The man of ur dreams.. lol.. no comment.

  4. lol//we love you still jare... or maybe more aptly said..I love u still jare....

  5. Lol! I'm sure the dude is about to board his plane. :D

    Sorry about school! Just hang on- imagine the major celebration you'll have when you finish hehe


  6. aaww pele, my sis is still doing pre-med but she complains bout hw hectic it is everyday so i cn only imagine what u'r going through. Jst think of the pot of ka-ching at the end of the tunnel :p
    lol u jst made me remember this quote that says "sometimes ur knight in shining armor may end up being a clown wrapped in tin foil". no one's perfect but i bet when mr right comes, his flaws wont be anything major compared to his pro's. :)

  7. so he's dead - does that mean you're up for grabs now?

    i'll pass the msg across to those our brothas looking for green card lol

  8. Aww. Im so feeling you on this one. I killed mine a long time ago...I think. Although he does have an odd way of popping up every now and then; )

    About med school, pele dear, dont worry this too shall pass.

  9. The man of your dreams might just be out there...just waiting for you to give him a try!!

    Yep, he could be that bros you currently take as just a friend but who seems to be always there for you.

    Lots of love!


  10. yes! I think I oughta kill the man of my dreams too...n stick my head in real life.

    Good luck with med school! I pray God gives you the grace to finish brilliantly

  11. Killed the man of your dream? I'm gonna report you at the nearest police station. Lol

    I'm in total agreement with mena.

    Thank you for thanking me.

    Wishing you all the best in you med sch

  12. You don't like poems? Then sorry,i can't be that man you've been waiting for...hehehehehehe
    Anyways,it's not a good thing that you gave up the man of your dreams,he definitely is out there and would get to you if you'd just be a little bit patient.Saying you don't want him can actually extend his arrival by some years,never give hope,it's the reason why humans wake up each day!

  13. That made me laugh, can you do that? I think he's back there somewhere waiting for when you have time for him again.

    All the best with school dear..

  14. I dont really know if its a good or bad thing for you to kill I'd say just keep an open All the best with school, i have so many people studying medicine and my dear, i know its not easy....God will help u

  15. man of your dreams? *laughing* m-a-d-a-m-e sting! glad he is dead!

  16. funny as always. My brain is boiling over, but I had to leave a comment out of love and appreciation :)


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