Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walking away

I have to start trusting that God will TAKE CARE of me. If i did that i know that i wouldn't worry so much about everything because i know he got me.

I know that no matter how much i mess up, how badly i act, God will always give me a second chance.

I pray for healing.
I pray for strength.

I'm done crying over this.

I'm walking away.


  1. Listen to Mary Mary's 'Yesterday'. And don't ever forget that this too shall place.

  2. Actually I think Mary Mary's 'In the morning' might be a better fit! I'm not a gospel song person but that song is ah-may-zing. Also India Arie 'There's hope'

    Hope everything works out!


  3. sting..sting...sting,,,tut tut tut hng in there hope it gets better


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