Sunday, September 12, 2010

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 So i have been seriously pretending like i am not in med school. The last time i studied with any kind of serious intent was last week wednesday, before my last exam. Death by hanging. After that exam ended, i crashed big time. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I didn't realize how much it had taken out of me to hold it together in order to be able to study for my exams. I think one of the most difficult things to do is to study when all u want to do is lie down under ur covers and pretend u don't exist. But i held it together and did pretty well on my exams. Thank God for that. I'm verbally off guys till further notice, but emotionally still stuck on one. I feel like i'm on an emotional roller coaster these days. Don't listen to anything i say cos the next minute i'll be saying something else. I should have a PhD in these things by now. It still sucks though.

Since the exam on Wednesday, i have practically lived on Hulu. Thankfully, in terms of school work, we didn't cover much before the weekend, so technically i'm not behind because i have managed a couple hours of studying here and there, but i would have liked a head start on this coming week, especially since we are starting the almighty head and neck in anatomy. Cranial nerves are a nightmare. So back to my hulu experience, i got hooked on Reaper. Come to find out that it's an old show that got canceled last year. Hulu has the whole of season one. I ventured elsewhere for season 2 and the show was canceled after the second season. Why they would do that, i have no idea, but they saved me from myself. I can believe i watched all 18 episodes from season one and 13 episodes from season two in 2-3days. I even dreamt about the show yesterday. It's that bad.

I have decided that i don't enjoy being in med school. I still want to be a doctor and all that but the process sucks the joy out of you. I think it's a miserable life of endless study. Well, for the most part. I was dragged to a Cameroonian picnic yesterday. It was alright. I appreciated the fresh air cos i have been stuck in my apartment. I think i'm borderline depressed at the moment. I wish it was just because i was in med school.

I'm not liking 2010 very much. It has hands down being the worst year of my life, but i'm still thankful because i'm always cognizant of the fact that it could be worse. I'm off to memorize cranial nerves V and VII so i can at least have some peace of mind and pretend like i studied today.

P.S. I just fixed my domain name this site is now (just in case u need to update ur bookmarks or whatever. It's supposed to re-direct from my previous url.) I don't trust these blogger pple with their unknown issues.
I just noticed i lost all the blogs on my blog list. That was over 200 blogs, no joke. That is why i don't follow blogs cos i just add the blogs i like to my list. I want to flog blogger.


  1. I'm a 100 level unilag medical student, currently sitting for my exams into the 2nd year (that's when we start anatomy and stuff).

    I'm so excited and really looking forward to the ''endless studying and ...''

    ''the process sucks the joy out of you'' do you mean that it's too demanding? no time to say ''no time''?

    Aw... Losing your blog list sucks, man. Sorry about that.

    I pray that your 2010 starts improving from tomorrow onwards.

    May God be with you, brother.

    Taciturn Turned Talkative

  2. lol @ brother. I'm a female o! You are only excited about the thought of endless studying because you don't actually have to do it yet! Talk to me when you start.

    Yes, it is too time consuming. There's too much stuff to cover and not enough time. As they like to say, it's like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant. You can make time to do the stuff you really want to do and i have found that it's healthy for you body and mental health to take breaks.

    Anyway, in spite of my constant whining, i wouldn't want to do anything else with my life, so i'll just suck it up.

  3. Aww, here's sending you lots and lots of encouragement and a big hug! I know where you're comming from, med school's a's worth it in the me on that..just pace yourself..spread the work out (my unsolicited advice)

    Oh and by the way, i'm gutted about your lost blog list! I always come read your blog then read others via your links..stupid blogger!

  4. @Enitan: Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I'm working on replacing the blog list. Blogger is weird, is all i can say.

  5. Oops. My bad. The medics are going to have to come take my foot out of my mouth for that one.

    I'm sure it will be every bit as hectic as it is for you, but, like you said, I'll stick around 'cos it's where my passion lies.

    Taciturn Turned Talkative


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