Monday, September 27, 2010


You know u r really tired when u start drooling before you actually fall asleep! Ewww! So lab ended at 4pm and we had anatomy tutorials at 5pm that i wanted to attend. So i got a nerd room, settled down to eat my sandwich and tried to study before the tutuorial....i was so tired that after eating that i decided to take a nap. It was about 4.30p at that time. So i put my head on the table, and before u can say Jack Robinson, i was drooling on the table. I say this one wey i don dey drool and i never even sleep, if i come sleep nko? Wetin i go do? So i just respected myself and stayed awake. I kept drifting off throughout the tutorial but i made it to the end. I think i had like 3 hrs of sleep yesterday. My eyes started clouding over during anatomy lab and my lab members still insisted that i was the best person to dissect the arteries out of the neck. Apparently, i should be a pathologist? Really? Sleep dey catch me una dey say i sabi cut dead body, na that one dey do me now?

I'm so tired though but i spent the last hour talking on the phone instead of sleeping so i have to pay for it now. I hate anatomy.......So sick of memorizing stuff. I have fallen in love with Rihanna's rude boy cos apparently it's perfect for memorizing anatomy stuff.... for me o! Try at ur own risk. I still think the video sucks, well parts of it anyway.

Got some sad news today. My younger sister's friend passed away. Really sad. May her soul rest in peace.

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