Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have to write this down for posterity: For the first time in my life, i forgot to brush my teeth before going out the house. Worst of all, i was going to anatomy lab where i am in close proximity with the 4 guys in my group. What's even worse is that we are doing the head and neck and we are all gathered around the head. Best believe i was on mute the whole time. There are many things i wanted to say but couldn't or refused to. If i absolutely had to talk, which i did, i made sure i was as far away as possible without being obvious. It was an uncomfortable hour and a half. I was 30 mins late to lab in the first place.

When i jumped in the shower, i remember thinking i hadn't brushed my teeth. This was around past 1 and lab starts at 2pm. Got out the shower and decided to do some amebo on skype. By the time i talked the one wey no concern me finish, it was almost two, so i grabbed my bag and left the house. Half way to school, i realized i hadn't brushed, and that my friends is how my day began. I've been home for 3 hrs and i still haven't brushed. I guess i'm just being nasty today.

P.S. Life is ironic and i think my life is especially ironic these days. It's very interesting. I wish i could share, but................ no!

That's all folks. Let's hope i remember to put on clothes tomorrow.


  1. lol! eya pele o...that was funny...

    oya go and brush your teeth o..:)

    hope u good?!

  2. could remember to do amebo on skype but you forgot to brush you teeth

  3. lmao....could imagine how u were nodding and smile with lip and brush jare.

  4. Where do you get these emoticons, lol/ Next time don't forget o...:)

  5. just made me laugh...very hilarious post...i can understand your not brushing now u're back, what you feared the most has already happened...hahaha

  6. lol...i can just wonder some gals always keep sweets & chew gum in their bags...kai! i no envy you sha....hehehehe.


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