Friday, September 24, 2010

Party Time

Yesterday, i had the most fun i have had in med school, in fact the most fun i've had this year. Period. It was my friend's birthday on the 21st and we had a get together yesterday. I made the Jollof rice. It wasn't just any old jollof rice, i managed to pull off the "party" rice. My mom usually makes it for our birthdays. I had no idea how she did it, i know knew it tasted different and way better. I made a phone call to mommy dearest and well, the big secret really is more tomatoes. It came out really nice and was on point, even though i couldn't eat any (besides the tasting to see if it was okay) cos i can't have tomatoes amongst a million other things.

The get together was mostly Africans, all med students. There were 8 Nigerians, 1 Cameroonian, 1 Ghanaian, 1 sierra leonian and 2 African Americans. There was a lot of talking loudly (you know how we are), laughter, talking about how even if we (the chics) are going to be doctors we still want rich men, cos our money is our money, and his money is our money. It was good fun. Didn't get any studying done, of course. One of the guys had a polaroid camera and we took some pictures. I thot it was pretty cool. I might post some pictures later.

In other news, I am in a reverse love triangle, or as i like to call it, the unlove triangle. Long story short, I started talking to Mr. A to get over Mr. B, now i'm back talking to Mr. B to get over Mr. A. Yeah, crazy right. I'm still on a love break (whatever that means), but i'm trying to get by, so i talk. I have been told on more than one occasion that i lead guys on. Hey! To me i'm just talking. I don't see why i have to decisively tell you yes or no, when
  1. I like the attention
  2. I'm not sure
  3. I don't want to hurt your feelings *cough*
  4. I might be partially interested
  5. You are good looking
Bite me. You are a grown man, you should be able to handle it abi? LOL...ok, i'm not a hundred percent serious, but i know i do it, it's not just consciously. I'm not that mean, but besides i do like that attention sha!


  1. Glad you all had triangle huh?....ok o!...hehehe..take care.

  2. Hmmm. Loving the Jollof rice oh.. You seem to be updating every second.. how have you been?
    Missed you..

  3. I'm on a updating roll...will soon go on hibernation cos i have block 2 exams in 2 weeks. This one i'm always on studying, my computer and blogging are my only diversion and it doesn't take me too long to type, actually.

    I'm been fine, girl. How are u? Missed u too. I lost my bloglist, so i should make sure i add you back.

    @Miss nitty, this is a reverse love triangle. No be better thing.


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