Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random Gist

 I'm on level 87 on candy crush right now, so decided to take a breather and do other things, like respond to comments as promised. My friend told me how to bypass asking for lives or waiting, which is to move the time on your device forward, get your full lives back and go back and change the time to the correct time before resuming play. So far, that's the only "cheat" i have used. Naijawife mentioned hacks which you can download, but the little type A that's still left me (med school killed most of it) wants to beat this game by myself. 70 was hard for me. I spent all day yesterday trying to beat it. I finally did it late in the evening, i was actually happy about that. It was so stressful.

Candy crush has been keeping me up at night. Thankfully i have the chillest rotation this month. We only have two days a week where we have to do anything. Tuesdays from 1-5pm, to facilitate history and physical sessions for second year med students (M2s) as they practice the full H&P on standardized patients, then on wednesday morning from 9am-12pm, we have core sessions. That's it! Only 8 days out of the month. Of course we have outside work, but it's minimal. We have to grade the H&P's for our students (4 each) and fill out an eval for them with comments. Then there's a book "How doctor's think" which we have to get through. Everyone gets a chapter of the book, where they have to lead the discussion. Then you also have a mini-presentation on an aspect of the physical exam to give. That's about it.

Same thing with my rotation last month. It was way chiller than this. Can't complain at all. But since i feel like i haven't really learnt anything in 4th year, my crazy self decided to sign up for a MICU elective at the more busy and intense site. Trust me, i struggled back and forth with wanting to learn a lot or just getting exposed to the MICU without being stressed out. I changed back and forth between two sites, one laid back and chill and another very intense. I finally picked the less intense site and i think i already regret it. LOL. It's too late to change it now because you can only change 30 days in advance. I'm sure if i called the registar, they can change it for me, but i think i'll suck it up and just do it, so i can learn something this year especially since my rotation in March is going to be chill. I'm taking "The Art of Medicine through the humanities". It's going to involve reading and discussing historical and literary works in a small group seminar setting. There's some writing involved. Pretty much medical humanities stuff.

Okay, i'm done talking about med school stuff. I'm stressing myself out thinking about the MICU. I really hate talking about med school.  LOL. But i promised some people to try and i am trying.

By the way, going back to this blogsville community thing. I have decided to make an effort to leave comments on blogs and respond to comments left on my blog. That's my contribution to fostering a sense of community around these parts. However!!!!!!, Due to some things that have happened in the past, i'm not as carefree as i used to be. I honestly believe that I'm not very well liked, not that i lose sleep over it, it just makes it easier to keep to my blog. I've said this before and it's the truth, but it always surprises me when people say they like my blog. I know i can be blunt and maybe abrasive sometimes but i wouldn't go out of my way to try to hurt anyone. It seems like whenever i allow anonymous comments, someone has something to say.

I'm just here being myself, but one of the comments that got to me was when my family was mentioned. 
She left the comment as an anonymous but i know who it is, which is why i blocked her on twitter. She knows herself. Saying she has been reading my blog and it seems like i come from a dysfunctional family and i need to seek help with my issues. This was all during the wives connection fiasco. She could ask me for the link to the wives connection blog to see what was going on, then turn around to leave such a stupid comment anonymously. That pretty much did it for me.

But i have decided to try again. Let's see how it goes.

P.S. My hair needs Jesus. I need to wash it today.


  1. So glad you decided to peep out of your 'shell' and trusting enough to venture out.
    Am told that if everybody likes you, then you are lied to or deceived.
    Hey! little sis, you know have gat ya back, in blogsville.
    Talking of commenting.........waiting for your comment in my epidural post! Oya do you dokita visit there now :)

    1. I left you this long ass comment and it didn't post. Will try again now.

  2. Thanks for trying again. Newbies like myself could really use some Naija blog community. Are there some bloggers in the US that you could recommend?

  3. Btw, The fear of Candy Crush is the beginning of wisdom for me. I'm afraid I'd get hooked once I

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Doll! Are you ever going to come out of retirement? Happy new year to you too!!!

  5. Level 87? Don't I envy you? I have been struggling with level 57. I think I'll try the cheat. :). I think its good you want to try again.

    Enjoy your "chill"rotation this month!

    1. Level 95 now, but i'm over it at least for now. I'm enjoying it o! Watched Netflix all day yesterday in bed. Even took an afternoon nap sef. Didn't know my body was capable of doing that anymore. lol. Thanks.

  6. lol Sting baby Mmuah!

    If you decide you want 150 lives PER LEVEL let me know, I have a crack ;)

  7. May the Lord heal you from candy crush lol. Forget whoever doesn't like you. Let them use d 'X' button. Or not even open in the first place. It's your blog. Do your thing. Let go. Muchlove.

  8. Level 87! I will try your "cheat" tip. Have I wished you happy 2014? Happy 2014

  9. I know exactly how you feel. I'm also aware that lots of people in blogsville and out of it hate me for whatever reason, but i suppose it's at least partially because of what i say on my blog.

    Oh well.

    I too will try and do my best to foster a sense of community to bring blogsville back. It's been chilly in these here parts the past couple of years or so.


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