Monday, January 27, 2014

Because I'm nice like that

I just found out my 4 pack Greek yogurt which i bought for $3+ has been expired for 6 days. Ha! O ti o!!! We are in a recession (are we still in a recession?). I can't let almost $4 go to waste like that. So i befriended google to figure out if i can still eat it and I can. Yay!

You are welcome.


  1. ahahahaha, there is still recession o! think.

  2. Babes, i hope you're alright. If my brain is functioning properly i recall you saying u live in ATL and i know its a hot (abi, cold) mess up there these past 2 days.

    1. I go to school in a different state. Thanks for checking on me. I had to cancel my flight to ATL today cos no one would have been able to come pick me up from the airport since all the highways are shut down.


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