Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gay Marriage Ban in Nigeria abi na Anti-Gay bill?

So I'm guessing there are no other pressing issues in Nigeria right now besides Gay marriage?

 As it stands right now, IMHO, marriage is a joke! A huge joke!
There's no respect for the sanctity of marriage
Married men thinking it's their God given right to cheat
domestic violence is the other of the day
Those who are lucky enough to not be physically abused are emotionally abused daily
Happy marriages have become the exception rather than the norm
People divorcing all willy nilly
These American celebrities in the public eye are not helping matter
It makes me wonder why get married in the first place?
Why bother yourself if in less than a year you are out?
What a joke.

The Nigerian government has bigger issues to address
They need to stop playing

P.S Apparently it's not about Gay Marriage but an Anti-Gay bill. That's to tell you how much attention i paid to it. As far as i'm concerned, all na throat and neck.
We have more pressing issues. 


  1. That's what I don't understand. Namejust one benefit of stopping homosexuality that will benefit everyone. We will remain just as corrupt as we are, anti-gay bill or not.

    But it's in the Bible! Well, so is respecting your parents.

  2. Hmmmm.....I just tire! I dont know which way this country is going....I just dont know!

  3. Passing this bill is not bad in itself, i guess it is all the seeming ignorance other things wrong with Nigeria that have been there for years.

    And, please do not lose faith in marriage. As you said, it is those of celebrities being publicised. But they mostly get into it for the wrong reasons. It can be a beautiful thing ... just as it was designed to be.

  4. truthfully i wouldn't be surprised if some of the senators and congress members are gay or maybe they even have a few sexual pervasions. its usually sexually repressed people who try to repress the sexuality of others. Sometimes i dont see any reason to go back to Nigeria... i love my country, but im no more in love with it.


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