Sunday, January 19, 2014

Does stress in womb raise chances of baby growing up to be gay?

Women who suffer stress during pregnancy increase the chance of their child being gay, according to a controversial new book. The lifestyle of pregnant mothers affects the sexuality of their unborn child, altering their hormones and the formation of their brains, it claims. Smoking or taking drugs can also result in a child who grows up to be gay, according to the book by Dutch neuroscientist Dick Swaab, which is yet another chapter in the debate about the origins and causes of homosexuality.

Read the rest over at The DailyMail.

Whenever i hear people say homosexuality is a choice, i think back to my human development class taken in my first year of med school. What this Neuroscientist is saying makes a lot of sense to me. Different things happen during development that make us who we are. Child birth/pregnancy from conception to delivery is a You have no clue what you are fighting sometimes. Kneel down and thank God when you come out of it unscathed with your new baby and everything is as it should be.

Let us continue to learn not to judge what we have no personal experience of. He who wears the shoes, knows where it pinches. m'kay?

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