Thursday, August 9, 2012

Help with Paying for Med school

I hadn't planned on blogging today and i'm going to take the lazy man's way out of this cos i'm really tired. Ego du Jour put up a post which you can read HERE and Bumight responded HERE. You can get the gist of where i stand from the comments i left on both posts.

My main reason for blogging about this is pretty much to put the link up to the campaign to help this guy pay for med school. He has 23 days left. If you can afford to, help. You will be helping someone fulfill their dream. Life is hard enough as it is, med school is HARD enough and i can't imagine having to solicit for funds. There's nothing wrong in being your brother's keeper. People who want to keep their eyebrows raised, should keep their eyebrows raised. That's allowed too.

Go here to read about Prince.

Bottom line for me in this issue is, let's not raise our noses at other people's struggles especially if you've never walked in their shoes. You never know what tomorrow has in store. Empathy is also a virtue.


  1. I have also read the Ego Dujour's post and I find it completely distasteful. Everybody and I mean Everybody has a right to chase a dream! and if you always wait for all your cards to align you wont get anything done at all.

    Prince is pulling his weight, he is keeping it moving, he is trying! seriously what more can one ask? I respect his guts (its not easy to ask for money) and if i had the money I would definitely assist Prince.

    A lot of us have benefited from scholarships and I think Africans in diaspora and at home who have the means need to start setting up scholarships to help the young ones who have dreams!

  2. Please see:

  3. I've just read a series of posts and comments. In the end, I think it is about information and planning. The fact is that a lot of international students are simply unaware of how these things work and maybe if more people were as outspoken as Ego, they would know and be more prepared for the process. I do hope Prince raises enough money for his med school.

    1. That was not the point, Myne. I'm sure Prince had all the information he needed. Besides, you can plan all you want and things can still fall through at the last minute. It's life.

  4. Been following the comments on Ego's blog i am with you and Bumight on this one....just let it go (re:trying to explain things to her) if she does not get it by now i am not sure she ever will, she already made up her mind about Prince before writting the post and doubt if she is about to change that


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