Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What do you do when you feel like life is just happening and you have no control over anything?


You stop, step away from the situation and hopefully come back with mental clarity.  Anything short of that leads to feeling overwhelmed. One of the questions i was asked during my med school interviews was how i dealt with stress. I should have known something was up when i got that question. It's good to come up with a way to deal with stress as that would get you through the most difficult times. I remember saying, i step away from the situation (which was true at the time) and come back when i felt better. Somehow, along this journey, i forgot that simple strategy that i had in undergrad and managed to work myself into an anxious mess. I stopped taking breaks, never went anywhere or did anything with friends/classmates because my anxiety just wouldn't let me. My type A personality was in overdrive. Stuff like that is not sustainable and is usually counter productive. The result from all of that was not good, health wise and mentally. I haven't felt like myself in years and now i just feel so drained.

At this point, I've completely dissociated myself mentally and it's almost as if my mind has taken a vacation from being in med school and i don't want to be here anymore. Frankly, i have lost interest or maybe i am just confused/mentally drained and burnt out. I feel slightly lost and overwhelmed. So I've just decided to stop and regroup. I'm looking into getting a mentor to help navigate through the rest of med school. My ultimate goal is to be happy, which is how i ended up in med school in the first place because i thought being a doctor would bring self-fulfillment. I realize now that if you are not happy in med school and don't find a balance, chances that you would magically become happy once you graduate are slim. There is a reason why doctors have the highest suicide rate. I don't want to end up living a miserable life and becoming a statistic. I need to start to fix things now.

In other news, my face is so freaking smooth and soft. Very soothing to touch it :)


  1. Plix don't slander the profession, DENTISTS have a much higher suicide rate! Lol
    Seriously though, the toughest part is behind you now, you should just be on cruise control till graduation.
    I agree third year is a lot different from the first two years, but look on the bright side
    1. You actually get to touch patients
    2. No reading till you drop...at times for four weeks at a time!

    You need a mentor? I'm hurt! I thought I was your unofficial mentor? *sulks*
    Oya sha tell me the secret of your smooth skin!

    1. I heard about the high suicide rate of Dentists too.. Although I don't understand why?

      Sting- you should try (christian) meditation. Pray, exercise/stretch to gospel..turn all other electronics off..
      P.s. You do write though..so that's a tiny form of escape, you've started solving the problem already :-)

    2. Dint knw abt dentists being higher. And among doctors I heard anaesthetist have the highest suicide rates..... And dats where I wanna specialise.. *God help me*

    3. Bumight, u know everything nau. U r my unofficial mentor, I'm looking for a clinical mentor in my school. As for my face, I just started using a daily cleanser and moisturizer but clean and clear products.

  2. Doctors have the highest suicide rate? first time of hearing this seriously.

    Yes, the best simple strategy is to walk away from the situation...but if it is not possible at that moment, what will one do?

    Smooth face? Pls tell me the secret o!

    p.s...i dey vex 4 u shaa! :)

    1. Sister mi, u cant vex for me o. I'm ur personal person, shey u know.

  3. Stepping away from the situation has been very helpful when Ihave no control over things.

    By all means get a clinical mentor...It sure will help you. All the best dear, I'm sure you'll turn out to be a very good doctor.

  4. A vacation will definitely help, besides there are other ways of saving lives, so feel free to pull out of medical school...lol

    1. lol @ pulling out of med school. Have u heard of sunk costs? I owe over $100,000 in student loans, there shall be no pulling out at this point.

    2. Haha I like that! Debt, as a form of motivation

  5. wow..try learning to dance...Azonto and Etighi highly recommended. Maybe it might relief your stress


  6. my dare u can never b a statistic... just take a moment n think about.... do u see wat i see??? ur worst days r behind u

  7. Lol let me echo what everyone else has said first in two simple terms DON'T DIE!

    But God will be your strength (even though I'm sure at this point you've heard that more times than you'd like)

    This is why I keep saying to people, don't go to medical school cos your family is pushing you into it. Make sure you have a strong motivation (or passion) else you shall break under pressure and wonder why you're even there in the first place.


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