Saturday, August 18, 2012


How cute are these? I got them when i went home. I really like 'em. I happen to have a few things that have skull and bones on the. a watch, belt, chain. Not sure why i like them but i do.

My friend got me this. Yummerz!

This plantain porridge was the business. I made it with shrimp and spinach as you can see and the sauce tasted exactly like pepper soup. If you can't cook, you are on a long thing o. Just saying. It's very easy to make.

 The wiz and I. Love her. The video is not clear on purpose. Sorry. 


  1. 1. Love those skull mugs. Absolutely love. Like, Love!!!! I just bought this giant bag with skulls all over it, so I completely get you.

    2. That your plantain porridge is more like plantain peppersoup o! But I want, sha. Haven't made any in a while. Maybe today. Maybe not.

    3. Wiz. Cuteness.

    1. You are right. It's definitely more like plantain pepper soup cos i wanted it to be watery and i love it.

  2. Hei goodness me. As a devoted plantain lover I dunno why I've never thought of plantain peppersoup before!! It looks deicious and my appetite is seriously whetted (which is remarkable since I've been lacking appetite for the past week).
    Please what spices did you put in it? How long did you leave the plantains on fire? Did you use ripe, unripe or just-ripe plantains?

    1. I used unripe plantains. I've used ripe before but they turn out very sweet, they are get too mushy and i don't really love the texture. As for seasoning, i used curry, seasoning salt, a little ginger, tomatoes, onions. Nothing major really.

  3. Still looking longingly and lovingly at the plantain pic :( :(


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