Sunday, August 26, 2012


Do you know anyone who fits this description? When i first came to this country, i had a friend like this. In fact, her picture should have been by the description. She would keep me on the phone for hours everyday, complaining about stuff and me thinking i was being a good friend would constantly advice her. Until i found out that i was just wasting my time.

What i have come to realize over the years is that a lot of people who come to you really don't want your advice, they just want a listening ear, someone to vent to who would be sympathetic and commiserate with them. I think if someone wants advice they would often times specifically ask for it. If not, just sit there and listen and chime in knowing fully well that they probably would do what they want to do anyway. We are all guilty of being that person (if not regularly, at least once in our lives), but some people take the cake.


  1. Yep!! I know someone like this. We just had a conversation about it 30 mins ago. Hopefully he works on this bad habit or I would work on the ability not to proffer any advise to him when he asks

  2. I know plenty people like this...i just do not even waste my saliva on them.

  3. The most annoying...
    It irritates me to the point of calls, no anything...
    Then what makes it worse is when you overhear someon else giving them advice... ugh!

    I just smh.

    1. OMG! My friend i mentioned, that's exactly how i knew i was wasting my time. She was talking to everyone who would listen so they would give her the same advice i had already given her.

  4. blessings.....
    Askhole? lol, lol, alrighty then. Reminds me of a post i did a while back called WORD OF CAUTION ON ADVICE (Check it out and let me know what you think.) Here's teh link

    have a great week.....

  5. Yep, I know a few people like this. Some of them know what they need to do before coming for "advice".

  6. Oh no!

    The person who behaves like this that I know happens to be a very close and dear person...what a pity.

    lol...this is so accurate in description!

  7. I find it difficult to give advice for this reason. I have been burnt a few times.

  8. LOL usually what they want to hear is their opinion but just with another voice. Don't bother if yours is differing, they'll still go ahead with theirs anyways


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