Sunday, August 19, 2012


I'm beginning to think i'm weird cos i really don't get the Beyonce hype. I don't like her neither do i dislike her. She's just there. I don't even like her music and i would listen to Rihanna or Chris Brown before i listen to any Beyonce song. I don't get it. Am i missing something? Although to be fair, i'm not a stan of (for?) anyone. The only person i can be into like that is myself.

 I got these during our last Pathway core session and i have no clue what to make with them. Our pathway director had us traipsing all over the inner city last Thursday and our first stop was a farmer's market. One of my former anatomy lab partners bought these and decided to share with me. I've never had yellow squash or Zucchini before so i don't know what to make with these. I guess this is where i become intimate with google once more. Or i can summon Chef Wiz


  1. Shes too cute for words!! And you're not weird abt the Beyonce thing. You're just not into her. Happy Sunday

  2. awwww she is so cute. you can grill the Zuchinni sprinkle some olive oil over it and grill you can add tomatoes and eggplant to the mix as for the yellow squash peel, wash, cube or cut whichever way you like and pop in the oven it tastes better baked even though you can boil (in coconut milk/cream if you wish) or even fry you can pour some cream or coconut milk on top while baking too if you like. And i too do not get Beyonce infact i think i only like two or three of her songs

    1. Nice. Thank you. I have some coconut milk, so i'll try it out.

  3. Be bold...throw in some seafood and make a chowder. You can do it!!!

  4. Latw..but sauteed with herbs and garlic and you have a nice veggie meal hot or chilled. :-)
    if you were not in school I would say pair with a nice reisling.


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