Saturday, August 20, 2011

Question of the Year

Why are some guys just beasts of burden?
a) They originated from the innermost loins of the devil
b)They can't help themselves, their XY chromosome is defective
c)They are really wild animals in human form
d)They are escaped demons from hell
e)They are just beasts....plain and simple.
f)All of the above and then some.

You must chose one from the above options.

I wish i had a baby sitter. Someone needs to wrap my hair and put me to bed. I don't want to move from this chair, hence this impromptu post at 1.30am.

Hope u guys are enjoying my almost daily posts because it's about to be OVER!!!!
By the way, i have officially abandoned Blogsville GisT, it might be temporary, it might be permanent, right now i have no clue.

P.S. This mini-survey is very tongue in cheek. 


  1. Thank God you said some men, not 'men'. Your options are so steep, I therefore choose all of the above

  2. Please, can you add my new blog to your blog list. It is a forum for core Africans with natural hair, type 3c-4c range.


  3. Ahhh......This is a bit harsh now...
    Anyway, I REFUSE to choose any of the options becos I have 3 sons I truly believe will restore our faith in men :)))

  4. @ilola: You blog made my blog list 400!!!! Ding, ding, ding. I congratulate myself.

    @NIL: This is partiality o! I believe your sons will restore our faith in men :) This post was tongue in cheek sha. But you know some men are really beasts of

  5. I chose B. Not all men are defective though, I happen to have one that is a mirror image of Gods love :D.

  6. @9jafoodie :) "mirror image of God's love" That made me smile. So cute.

  7. LooooL! sting hu is giving u dis kind of headache o?? where is dat "man"??-LOL!

  8. @gia: Make i give u his address, so u can go finish him for me.

  9. B is better option for me, but some men are so all of the above.

  10. funny that if you asked me this same question last week i woulda said all of the above and then some but now i say it requires some special kind of grace and then some to think

  11. Sting there's a story you are not telling. Some man has been vexing you in the past 3 posts..lucifer's last child etc. Whats up? (wink, wink) sofry sofry dey sting am.


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