Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wahala go dey o! I literally just got back a couple hours ago and i'm already feeling like this. Truth be told, i have been sad for the last 2 days. Am i not supposed to wait until the books start to bulala me before i start feeling like this? Preempting 007.

I'm going to go eat cake, watch Food Network and get fatter, in that order. Tomorrow, i shall commence Operation junk food detox and Operation feel better before Monday. life! 

*I think i was the only black person on the plane today. o_O
** Never mind, one of the air hostesses was black.
***Tell me why i get back and my name has been removed from my mailbox? I didn't check if my name has been removed from my buzzer. This people dey find my trouble. 


  1. It is well, dear. Your response to the lousy day sounds like mine. eat some chocolate and make plans to detox and become a better me tomorrow.

  2. *hugs* hope you feel better,it would be worth it in the end

  3. Ha! You were in my dream o! Very random but u came to my city and we hung out! LoooooL!!

    Welcome back :)

  4. Thanks guys. LOL @ Gia. We should totally hang out. I'll let you know when i have a break and can head down to ur city.

  5. Smile now, oya please...oya just small...


    Hope u feel berra!

  6. hugs! Only black person on the You should have worn a blondie wig love ya girl, hugs!

  7. Welcome back, great things are on the

  8. Try not to worry much. Hope you feel better now.


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