Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey Lovies

I learnt something new thing today:

Neologisms-A neologism is a newly coined term, word or phrase...... 
Apparently, making up words only you can understand is a sign of psychopathology. I do that a lot. I always knew something was wrong with me. I guess before the year runs out, i will fully (mis)diagnosed myself. 

On a totally related or unrelated note, just this week alone, i have managed to refer to a particular someone as
  • Lucifer's Apprentice
  • Satan's little brother
  • The Gateman to hellfire. 
And i'm not even that angry with the dude.......... more like scratching my head baffled.
I'm going to leave the matter for Mathias and go and study jare. Day 2 and i'm already behind. No sleep for the wicked.

P.S. In fact, add Devil's first born son to the list. That guy is a certified bastid!


  1. lol...theres a drink i refer to as the devils pee.

    I guess everyone are slight psychopaths... cos we all make up words.

  2. yea i do make up words a whole lot esp when i want to dis someone...

  3. i swear you crack me up all the darn time! i'm glad you didn't "kpemed" and that you've "put your Jesus on"...toooo funny i swear. i have a mental picture of monique when i read your posts, badass black girl attitude.

    you berra go read o, so you don't end up like me when you grow up. :))

  4. Lmaooo..I have always known that you are "weekid"!
    Ndo, study wella o

  5. Did you just type "Hey lovies"?
    That is so un-Stingy!

    Trust me when i did pshychi i diagnosed myself with several different personality disorders it was amusing.

  6. lol @ Mizchif: What are u trying to say? Am i not a sweetheart? :) I was just flexing my "sweet side" muscles. Allow me o....u this geh!

  7. funny you say u werent angry at him yet u coined up those words...wonder what ud come up with when ure mega vexed....lol?!

  8. @Barefeet: Trust me, it was easy. His behavior brings all these things to mind very easily.

  9. So when you are really unhappy with the guy what do you call him? or do you just zero in for the kill....

    i love forming new words. i delight in coining it. Does that make me a special breed of psychopath?

  10. You're not serious, lol...could it be love?

  11. @Myne Whitman: God forbid! I thot u liked me, how can u say such a thing? I reject that kind of love o.

    @Ginger: He managed to make me angry today, so that's where Devil's first born son came from and yes! When i'm really mad, i zero in for the kill.

  12. Dont worry, cupid is soon sending someone ur way. some one who u will see as:

    Angel Gabriel's apprentice
    Our Lord's messenger
    The doorman to heaven AND
    God's 3rd born (cos Christ is HIS 1st born and I am HIS 2nd. *wink*)

    Just keep us posted when he comes along sha

  13. lol @ Amaka: You cracked me up seriously. Thanks for the laugh.

  14. what did they do to you, satan's first born , lol


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