Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nemesis - The Saga Continues.

So, you guys remember the Nemesis micro mini-series i put up, end of April/beginning of May....Part 1 is actually unrelated to Part deux. This is a continuation or should i say update of part deux. So you can get yourself up to speed or refresh your memory by reading part deux.

So at the end of part deux, mistress was pregnant and the guy was already showing his true colors. Unfortunately for the mistress, she had a miscarriage and lost the baby and guess who she says is responsible? The wife she drove out of her matrimonial home. I guess it's not possible the miscarriage just happened, there has to be a spiritual angle to it and the wife is the easy suspect. The poor wife who has been living her life jejely and taking care of her kids without any support from her husband.

Madam mistress was actually diagnosed with fibroids and this is what most likely caused the miscarriage. The husband has started treating her the same way he was treating his wife, sleeping around, not even bothering to come home days on end. In fact, he lied to her that he was traveling out of town on business and instead lodged in a hotel and was going to work from there. The guy drinks a lot, something he has always done, but now she wants him to stop even though when they were dating she used to follow him to beer palours to drink. People in the "know" say that when he drinks the jazz she used to hold him doesn't work which is why she really wants him to stop drinking. I no dey there, i no know o.

What did they say about the cane that they use to flog the first wife? That's what they'll use to flog the second wife too!!  The point of this amebo gist that i'm giving you guys is that people don't change and you can't reap where you did not sow. If he treated his first wife like crap, chances are, he'll treat you like crap. Just look at this Mercy Johnson saga going on. First off, i don't understand why people hate her, i actually like her movies (where she's not trying to act tush, i like her village girl movies). As set as she is (you all know what i mean by set! Front, back, face, everything correct!) i believe she can get a good man of her own. Not one that is abandoning his wife.I don't know why she thinks she'll be different. Anyway, na siddon look, i dey look o.

I will be putting an audio post up, a recap of my summer. I was trying to decide if i should do it in pidgin english, but I feel like i have to be "on" for that. Right now, i feel so blah. So, i'll just do it in regular boring english :) BTW, i just discovered that there's Hawaiian pidgin english. How cool is that?


  1. The world can be quite straight forward at times. Whatever goes around comes around. It might take long but it will eventually happen. God can never be mocked

  2. Lol @ Hawaiian pidgin. Karma really sucks. *sigh*

  3. Yope yope.... to quote JT- what goes around comes around n goes all the way back around. She deserves whatever comes her way, you cant just destroy somebody's relationship and expect to be happy.

  4. Yeah karma is a real beeotch sometimes.
    Aww come on, try pidgin. Variety is the spice of life. May be the pidgin will get you out of your blergh mood not the other way around :)

  5. I agree with ginger... hearing you speak pidgin will be interesting

  6. @Oye: I already did. Look for my sugabelly language challenge post.

  7. Karma is certainly a bitch! she neva jam!

    Hawaiia pidgin?...would love to hear it o!

  8. That is exactly how it is- he cheats with you, then he'll cheat on you! Hissss

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  9. Most times, people don't change. Trust our naija people to think everything is Jazz, lol...


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