Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The List

Unlike Chilli from VH1's what Chilli wants, i like to think that i don't have a list. So i was talking to a friend yesterday and i told him that i don't have a list, i like to go with the flow, but I can't date a short guy, and i like cute guys and he laughed and said like all girls i was confused and contradicting myself. In my bid to further explain myself, i said NO!!! I'll date anyone, but i really don't want a
  • short guy
  • I want a cute guy
  • I like dark skinned guys - never been attracted to light skinned guys
  • He has to be ambitious and driven
  • Good command of the English language especially if you are Nigerian
  • I really want a Nigerian man
  • He can't have a mean streak or be harsh
  • He can't be too soft or too harsh, he has to be balanced
  • Did i say he has to be cute
  • I don't want a guy who smokes
  • I want a guy who thinks the sun rises and sets on me
  • I want that 1 in 10 guy who doesn't cheat
  • Someone who will love me for me
  • I want a sweetheart
  • A guy who is supportive and caring
  • I want someone who knows it's hardwork being in a relationship and is prepared to work on it
  • I want a nice guy
  • Someone who has good morals and puts God first

    Hmmm...... maybe i do have a list. Permit me to continue to think otherwise. It sounds better when i say it. Oya, people tell me. What's on ur list? Do you or do u not have one?


    1. Lol, you do have a list darling... :)

    2. And you say you don't have a list? LOL. Everyone has a list o..

    3. 5 years ago I had a long list...right now I am happy if he just breathes and doesnt have halitosis. How about that for a list. lol

    4. i already talked about my list sometime ago on my blog..nice list.im never attracted to light-skinned people either.

    5. I have not understood the light skinned/dark skinned thing. i.e. if I'm light skinned he should be dark skinned or vice versa. I've heard people say that before. Very random.

      Concerning your list, of course everyone has a list! Guys have lists too, they just like to call it by a different name. If nobody had lists then we would all go around hooking up with every member of the opposite (or same) sex regardless of their situation. I don't think its wrong to have a list.

      Looking through yours I don't see anything out of the ordinary. You are actually not asking for a lot and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

    6. i will take ur list
      just as it is
      he has to be funny too
      and smart

    7. short guy...hunhun
      yellow skinned dude...lailai no way!

      neat guy...yes, and must not keep long nails!

      ***well I'm married...lol!

    8. What's this about Light-skinned guys?? I'm just hearing this for the first time. Na make we go jump inside river thames na abi??!!!

    9. Everyone's got a list...whether they admit it or not!

    10. oh babe, you def got a list and you well should..else, it'll be everything goes..

      just so you know, there are some you'll compromise on sometime, just be sure of your 'un-compromisables'

    11. shio! & u say u no get list? LOL.... o babe! PLEASE cut some slack for guys na...biko ehn? Because i don't see any chances my cousin go get o! hehehehe...love you template. xoxo


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