Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So i decided to do what i have been avoiding for a while now and tally up how much i have spent in buying calling cards to Nigeria since October of last yr. I picked October to start from because that's when the madness started. I buy my cards from ctacard.com and they keep a record of all your purchases so it's easy to go back and see how much you have spent. I wouldn't even dare go back and count from 2005 when i first started buying from them. I am most certain i would have a heart attack if i did that.

So my dear friends on blog(s)ville, how much have i spent in calling Nigeria from October 4 - May 25th?


I can't process my thots right now. I really can't. That's a whole new wardrobe right there. I could get 10 really nice handbags with that amount. I think i lost my mind. I am quitting cold turkey. Those $10 every few days really add up, we all can see how it went from just $10 to $720.

What can i say? I did it in the name of "love" (Well, 90% of it anyway). I think it's high time i find someone within the United States, not even Canada that i can use my unlimited minutes on. So i am formally saying Good bye! to all my international loves and love interests. If you want to talk to me on the phone, feel free to call me. I'll answer but I'm not calling you anymore!!!!!

Chineke, God in heaven! I feel a headache coming on.

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  1. Have you heard of Rebtel? It's the most amazing way to make international calls.

    You should check it out or send me an e-mail.

  2. @NakedSha: How amazing is it? Is it free? lol

  3. lol, it's not free but it's RIDICULOUSLY cheap. Let me send you an e-mail

  4. love is powerful...can make you do silly things. Once i topped up about 800 pounds in like 4 months, not counting the amount i spent on recharge cards. where did that get me? ha...nowhere lol. Yup there's nothing like sticking close to home.

  5. Lol...
    That has made my mum stranded when she was young and traveled for her training course..
    She said, she spent all her money on calling..
    Mscheeew, felt like flogging her when she gave me the gist.

  6. i stick with peezy.com. very convenient

  7. Na Peezy we dey but still it adds up. LDR do cost so one has to be ready. And this one you're talking of UK guys again, hmm..

  8. Pele.. It can be pretty annoying and frustrating..
    It shouldn't be you making the calls cause its more expensive..
    Glad you learnt even though its taken this long.

  9. How funny that you chose to start with October...I've been thinking of calculating how much I've spent on phone cards since October too...but unlike you I'm afraid to find out.

    Do you end up making the majority of the calls or do you guys try to split it about 50/50? The best rates I've found is a $2.50 card that gives me an average of 32 minutes of talk time. I'm always on the lookout for a better phone card.

    Also: I love you...you're so awesome (I know you know why I'm saying this)!

  10. hahah i feel you jare. its too expensive haba; says the chic who is going to call naija 2morrow..lol

  11. lol..STING! i no blame you o! If it is converted to NAIRA nko?hehehehe.. do you know that the money can feed a family in lagos for 2 weeks if not more? ok o! me i go de FLASH u sha! lol..

  12. Jeez men! Somebody say Skype?!

    I spent that much on phonecards too... I can't even chastise you. Lol.

  13. no be beas!

    i was looking @ d money with naira eyes, as in, 720 naira na him dis babe dey make noise. den i did d exchange rate, fucking N109,440!!!!!! for phone call! wetin!! oya, go join skype! if d person no ready to chat, make dem leave. which kain!


    **hey, am back online & kicking butts @ www.flourishingflorida.net**

  14. I used BT. Now I use sms, yahoo messenger, and skype. I used to spend over £50 a month on calls to nigeria.


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