Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pick One

So this blog post is all about choices..... Yes, you my lovies are going to be making some choices for moi : D Why? Cos you love me. You know u do. Anyhoodle, I was tickled pink when i found out yesterday that my blog was nominated for Best Personal Blog. Besides Simeon, whom i tend to harass from time to time on Skype, i didn't really bother much about being nominated and according to him, he didn't nominate me for any of the categories cos i didn't qualify....... side eye to you Simeon : )

I was pleased, am not going to lie, especially for the category i was nominated under. I don't share as much as i would like to, but I'm glad you guys like my blog enough to nominate me. If you nominated me, thank you very much. I appreciate it.  May 31st when voting opens, i will be harassing you guys to Puh lease, go vote for moi. { Simeon !!!!!} lol

Oya o! Wahala dey. I don't know why my life cannot just be straightforward. I somehow found a way to get myself in another situation. Long and short of the story..... I'm in a love triangle and it's getting complicated. It's getting complicated BECAUSE I like the two of them. So just for the fun of it cos God knows i probably would not end up with either guy, i want you guys to pick for me.

Bachelor A
PROS - Very easy on the eyes
-I fell in like with him the first time we spoke
-Majorly attracted to him
-Great conversation that first day
-He told me he likes me
-Plenty compliments
-Slightly risque conversations
-Na fine boy (seriously)
-Calm and laid back.
-He is a major sweetheart...

CONS- When i asked him if he had a chic, he said "Not yet". (????? What the fuck is that?)
-He has a chic he likes and if he had his way would be with her but......... but dey the matter.
-So what? Are you settling for me?
-You can't like me and like someone else..... Abomination of the first order
-Worried i might have fallen in like with him that day on a rebound. Not sure.
-Conversation not so great anymore.
-We don't have lengthy, meaningful conversations regularly
-He's in the UK
Side note: Get more confused everything i speak to him cos his voice is very soothing and he's so sweet and i realize am still in like with him.

Bachelor B
PROS: Cute with a capital Q
-My kind of pretty boy cute, just the way i like 'em
-Awesome, awesome gister
-Great conversation. I have spent approximately 4 hours everyday talking to this dude for the last 2 weeks
-Great listener
-He used to call me his guy
-Then he said he was catching feelings
-Now he's in love with me
-He doesn't like anyone else but me (at the moment)

-Cute with a capital Q
-He's too fine (yes, i'm learning slowly but surely)
-He said lately he has a tendency to like people, then fall out of like with him after a while
-He also said i might be the one to change that
-Should i put my money on that?
-Fickleness, especially in relationships scare me.
-He's in the UK

Side note: He is cute! I like looking at him. I enjoy our no strings attached, everything conversations. If i was serious (and ready) I could totally see myself falling for this guy big time.

PROBLEM 1: Bachelor A and Bachelor B are cousins
PROBLEM 2: Bachelor A said from day 1 that he liked me, and he told Bachelor B and another cousin who is my friend. Both Bachelor A and B know that i like Bachelor A. Only cousin knows I'm currently swinging like a pendulum
PROBLEM 3: Bachelor A already talks to me like he likes me and knows that i like him back
PROBLEM 4: I really like Bachelor B now, but i still like Bachelor A
PROBLEM 5: I complicate my own damn life.

Semi-serious Disclaimer: I just got out of a relationship that has left me emotionally drained at the moment. I am not looking to start another one so soon. *Humor me guys, I know they are cousins but if you had to who would you pick?

By the way, neither of these guys have actually said anything about wanting to be with me, although it can be assumed, but i chose not to assume anything at this point. Does "I like you or I'm in love with you = i want to be with you these days? All these breed of guys we have roaming the streets these days, i don't trust them.


  1. i was jejely enjoying this post until i got 2 d part abt dem being cousins & i went oh-oh! chick, free word of advice: get urself out of dis situation!

    - FFF

    Meanwhile, am back & kicking major butts @ my new site: www.flourishingflorida.net!

  2. lmao
    am sorry am laughing
    but they are cousins????
    better run

  3. Sucks that they are cousins..:(

  4. Lol I say run OR at least don't let any of them get past light to semi-heavy flirting (easier said than done, I know).

    I think you should focus on the cons.

    One guy likes another girl and you believe he would be in a relationship with her right now if not for "buts". Automatic red flag. Also you say yourself that his charms are fading a bit.

    The other guy is telling you that you may be the one to "change" him. Although many women love to believe in the fallacy that "love of a good woman" can change a man--that is bs. In this case you should ask yourself why you need to get involved in his "changing"? If he knows he needs changing why doesn't he take charge of himself?

    I say focus on you. Do you REALLY need complications? Add to all this that both these people are in the UK and I say its not even worth the confusion it is causing.

  5. do what Meredith did to McDreamy and McVet, tell them both and date them both for a while then your choice would be easier.

  6. at this point there is really nothing to choose. Like you said YOU aren't ready for anything. It's like you're trying to jump the gun. Time will take care of things. Just give it time and just flirt away. Things will come together when it is time for that. Besides they are cousins. Not a good look.

  7. Yeah, i guess we can't pretend they are not cousins and very close at that. See how i look for trouble?

  8. Wow! Your life has to be totally amazing. Emmm, there has to be one that you like more than the other now, abi? Do they know that they're chatting up the same girl, if they do, and they're still going at it, then they're silly. Lol. Comot for that drama o.

    BTW, how dyu know Bach A wasn't talking about you when he said there was a girl he liked but hadn't gotten with yet?

  9. I know this is supper late but I just discovered your blog..Yay for the newbie :) Nyhoo, back to the main gist, I think you should flip a coin..Yes, I said flip a flippin' coin (pun intended hehe). As the coin is suspended in the air you know the exact outcome you are hoping for :D


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