Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love is......

Look at that smile. She has our smiling eyes. When i smile, my eyes turn to slits just like hers is in the picture. Too cute. When i saw the picture, i thot she was being given a bath, but found out this was after a messy eating session. I guess learning how to eat is hard work. I love my little maama and looking at this picture makes me happy.


  1. Cute baby. Yeah it takes a good while before these little ones stop the messy eating. My girl's almost three and she still messes up the dinner table. How old is little maama?

  2. cute. This is how we messed up our homes with food crumbs when we were babies too.

    I just read the line, "She has our smiling eyes." Is she yours? :)

  3. She's my niece. My younger sister's daughter and my god daughter. She might as well be mine :))

  4. Oh my goodness...such cuteness!

    Hurray for smiling eyes.

  5. Yeah! kids! you just wait & see my 4 kids when they finish any would go S-H-I-0!.They are all awesomely messy! hehehe


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