Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random thots

  • There has to be more to life than this.
  • Some people are not made for a life of leisure and i am one of them
  • Next time i renew my license, i'm going to sign up to become an organ donor. They can take everything. Take it, all of it.
  • I think i'll most likely opt for cremation. No rotting and being eaten by maggots for this chic
  • I'm currently looking to become a bone marrow donor. There are not enough African/ Black people on the bone marrow registry. Who knows i might save a life.
  • I'm definitely going to look into volunteering next week.
  • Went to church two weeks in a row. That has not happened since 2003. I actually went to church once last year but was too traumatized to talk abt the experience. Walked out in the middle of the service and never went back. 
  • This the first time i am attending a church with a non Nigerian pastor. Greatest plus for the church is that the service lasts 2 hrs and it's not a catholic church. It's non denominational. You know how u can be in church for like 5 hrs in naija. My church in Nigeria was from 9am -2pm. Sometimes 4pm person go still dey church. I kid u not.
  • Greatest drawback, they don't have specific time set aside for kabashing (praying). I found that weird. This sunday i just jejely prayed during worship. I can't go to church and not pray. 
  • Relationship 101: Never talk about past relationships or even hint at comparisons. You r looking for trouble if u do that and u might not like it when u find it. 
  • My BMI and waist size don't match. According to my BMI i am overweight. Anything over 150lbs is overweight for me. My waist size however is less than 35, so it makes no sense. Explanation? I have more muscle than fat, so i weigh more. I didn't say it. 
  • I remember the days when my waist was 26inches very fondly, and when i weighed 138lbs and decided to take hydroxycut to lose weight cos i was too fat. 
  • Can i be 138lbs again?
  • I lost my appetite since Jan 5th 2010. Not missing it too much.
  • Samson has been gone for over a year now. Death is so weird. So i will never talk to him again?


  1. My best friend invited me to a special HolyGhost service yesterday at RCCG. Prior to my attendance i had sustained a knock during training earlier on for a departmental match we had today. While in Church we were made to stand for 45mins i felt very drowsy and kept asking myself what would happen if i dropped.
    Well you've said it all - our Church services are programme laden.

  2. Good one...atho u shld go 2 church more often lol...

  3. interesting thots
    lol at the waist versus bmi.....
    completely agree with ur theory
    u might also have bigbones(lol)

  4. I have big bones, I have more muscles, you name it, anything to defeat that BMI, LOL.

    Don't miss Samson too much and yay to volunteering and organ donation. Me I'm a woman of leisure and enjoying it. Have a great week dear.

  5. *sigh* about the whole church trauma. I actually go to church only when no one is there. It calms me.

  6. some of these are melancholy but useful reminders for the rest of us. Have been an 'organ donor' since about '05.

    Can't remember the last time I went to a church with a Naija pastor even though I am surrounded by them. heehee.

    Hoping all's well, sis.


    PLEASE go there and register today... You may save a life!!!!


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