Friday, January 8, 2010

Life happens

The only coherent thot that has popped into my head since Tuesday is "When life gives u lemons, u make lemonade". Very cliche, but that's about all the brain power i have right now.

What kind of lemonade to make? Pink?

(ALL) My greatest fear(s) rolled into one has happened. I don't even think i ever imagined this, cos this is so way out there for me. Anyway, even if i died tomorrow, life will still go on, just as it is going on right now.

When all this is done, i will have a story to tell and it will be a very interesting story.


  1. Stay strong girl, whatever it is you will pull through and make a nice refreshing lemonade

  2. sweetheart, i know you're not alright so i won't ask, but i need you to remember that no matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, nottin spoil.

    i love you and i hope everything gets better for you. even if you hit rock bottom it will only be upwards from there.


  3. Much hugs, hang in there sweetie. You're a strong lady and I believe in you.


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