Friday, January 22, 2010

In case of fire.......

So this morning at almost 4am, i was awoken by a car alarm that just kept going on and on. I needed to pee anyway, so i went to handle that business. As i came back i noticed a bright light shining from outside my window and heard some noise. I peeked out my blinds and saw there was a car burning in the next driveway. I was like i'm tired jo, the fire dept will soon come, i'm going back to sleep. In less that two mins after i lay down, i heard this explosion that was so loud, it felt like my windows were about to shatter. I was expecting glass on my body as loud as that explosion was. You need to c the speed i used to jump off my bed.

I ran, put on a bra, grabbed a sweater and stood by the door. Sure enough there was another explosion. I just stood by my door ready to dash out at the first sign of fire. Did i remember to put on shoes? Yes and No. Passport, green card everything that was within easy reach, i was just too confused to even think of going to grab them. I mean i thot abt them, but for some reason, i just couldn't move. Luckily the fire dept came and put of the fire before it got out of hand. But the incident just make me realize that i am so not ready for that kind of emergency. I was ready to dash out in the cold without shoes and a flimsy sweater, meanwhile i was standing next to my coat closet that had all my warm jackets, and my brain didn't tell me to grab one.

I need to get one of those fire boxes so i can have all my important documents in one place and i can easily grab that in case of an emergency. Other than that, i would need my brain to function properly in an emergency and i'll be fine. What happened yesterday just won't cut it.

I keep spelling realize, REALISE every single time. After over 7 yrs of being here, i still can't switch the spelling of that word to the American way of spelling it in my brain. I also noticed that whenever i'm stressed, i revert back to the British way of writing dates, day before month. Like i get so confused abt which is "right". It happened as recently as last month. I remember being penalized for spelling words the British way when i first got here, it was easy to make the switch but i guess u can't just erase everything from ur memory and start afresh.


  1. i still do the whole 's' thing instead of the 'z'.fire?na wa glad noone got hurt.

  2. Luckily we have a firebox but like you said, it's good to also learn to be calm and function well in such emergencies. I wonder how the car caught on fire?

  3. I hate emergencies, and i pray everyday that i won't encounter one at least not for now, great post - my first time here and it's great to see ur repping Naija well.

  4. huh?
    that scared me. I should get me one of those fire boxes cuz I've got all my documents scattered around

  5. erm is it just me...or y is evryone scared of their documents burning...bone that fire box talk and being organised if e burn i order another passport abi?

  6. @Barefeet: I bet u have no idea what it takes to replace a Nigerian passport. Obtain police report, $350, something about getting it from abuja. Too much hassle.

  7. i totally understand what you mean re: the spelling stuff... i do it all the time even though I've been away from Nigeria for over half my life... glad you were okay... we never know how we are going to act in certain situations... so dont procrastinate w/getting the box together! I pray that you will never need it... Enjoy your weekend :-)

  8. thank God it wasnt worse than that
    i guess at leats now u know ur nt prepared and ud take necessary precautions...


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