Monday, January 18, 2010


So 2010 decided to start by bitch slapping me. Had to go on a self-imposed exile to lick my wounds.
I started feeling like a human being again a couple of days ago. I realize whether i like it or not or want it or not, life will go on. Even if i die tomorrow, life will still go on. I guess it's a good thing i've never sat down to plan my life around a time line for doing things. You know how when u graduate high school, u say i'll be done with school and married by 24 and all that? If i had done that, i would be sorely disappointed. Cos the sequence of my life has been anything but orderly.

Trying to see how much lemonade i can make out of these lemons.


  1. when u set ur mind to it

    loads of lemonade can be achieved


  2. All the best dear, hugs(((())))

  3. hey sting
    glad u reopened the blog
    hope things are looking brighter now
    alls well that ends well

  4. yeah good one ,been a while here

  5. This year will be a better year in Jeses name.

  6. Plenty lemonades for you...things are beginning to sound brighter

  7. Wishing you all the best dearie.

  8. Big time hugs to you, stingerella.

    It will be well.


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