Monday, January 25, 2010

Picturize me

The best fruit cake i have ever had! As you can see it's from Publix.
Some concoction stew i made last summer with yellow pepper, mushroom and tomatoes. I love grilled salmon.
Dessert by niece. Chin chin, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate chips and whipped cream.
Best fries ever courtesy of the U joint somewhere close to Avondale Estates in Decatur, GA. Fries, bacon, green pepper, spring onions and mozarella cheese.
Frozen raw eggs.
Another concoction of mine. Diced plantain in chicken stock plus some other stuff. Vegetables preferably.
This is what happens when u put soda in the freezer and forget about it. Scary explosive sound might occur.
I won !!!!!
I really did! Thanks, Solomonsydelle.


  1. awww
    my book hasnt gotten to nigeria yet...
    i envy u......
    love the cake yum

  2. since I am not so adventurous when it comes to food, I wonder how these varieties will taste in my mouth -lol

    You wrote that book?

  3. @ BBB : Hope u get urs soon. Haven't been able to read mine.

    @Harry: I wish i could help u.

    @Standtall: They actually taste really good. I should be a chef at the rate i'm going. I didn't write the book. SSD had a giveaway on her blog and i won the book.

  4. Interesting!
    I think I'll freeze some egg yolks too!!!:-)

  5. I should put a picture of book I won too. The food pics looks so yummy...

  6. Now, I want the desert...but am supposed to be on a diet abi?

    u made me hungry joo!

  7. I want the cake...chei we dont have Publix over here...the name publix always comes up in my mum convo..."am going to publix...bla "

  8. love your pics
    missed u
    where did you go?

  9. Hey Tisha: Didn't go anywhere, been here the whole time.

  10. okay, madam, please explain the frozen egg yolks? What's it for? Congrats on winning the book BTW. Are you going to try to win some WeWe swag? =)


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