Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scorpios rock! Whoo hoo!

It's the time of the month again Scorpios. For those of us born OCT 24th - Nov 22nd, it's here!!! Whoo hoo! I love having my birthday towards the end of the year. It gives me something to look forward. I spent my last birthday under my blanket crying because of one sorry son of a biatch! Well, he was just an excuse to be miserable. I wasn't happy with my life, and i felt like i was getting older without making any progress. This year, i intend to enjoy my birthday to the fullest. I might not go out or have a bunch of pple around but however it turns out i know I'm going to spend the day smiling.

If i have any doubts about the number of pple who love me or think about me, those doubts are always cleared away on my birthday. Friends who i have not spoken to the whole year, call me all the way from naija. I don't even remind then nor do i have to put a countdown clock (i don't trust u blogville pple) but they remember and I'm flooded with phone calls from 12am -11.59pm and for days to come. Ain't i special? You know i am.

So i got this article that talked about the traits of Scorpios and i wanted to go through it and pick out what's true with regards to me. I'm not too into astrology but i bet u can't tell from the way I'm going gaga over being a Scorpio. Just a chance to get u guys to know me a little better. The red words are the article and the green are mine. Let no one accuse me of plagiarizing. I learned the hard way after making an F on an honors microbiology paper. Ended up with a B in that class, mscheeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

Here's the Article
Beneath a controlled, cool exterior beats the heart of the deeply intense Scorpio. Passionate, penetrating, and determined, this sign will probe until they reach the truth(I have been accused every since i can remember of being too inquisitive and wanting to know every single detail. If that is not an Amebo extraordinaire i don't know what is). The Scorpio may not speak volumes or show emotions readily (I don't talk very much unless I'm really comfortable around the person. I bet you find that hard to believe, don't ya?), yet rest assured there's an enormous amount of activity happening beneath the surface. Excellent leaders, Scorpions are always aware (Trust me, i am. You can't be hiding shit from me). When it comes to resourcefulness, this sign comes out ahead.

Friends and Family

Sincerity and truth are strong components of the Scorpio's friends (The worst thing you could do to me is LIE. I like down to earth people and none of that bougie crap or as we naija's would say, none of that forming). It can take some time before really close bonds are formed (Very, very true), but once done, the Scorpio will remain dedicated and loyal (You can bet your life on it). Witty and intellectual, they prefer companions who are humorous and easygoing (OMG, this is so true. 98% of my close friends are crazy funny people. My childhood best friend is the most ridiculous person ever. Whenever i'm around her, i spend most of the time on the floor laughing. She's that silly. I miss u, Ney!). Full of surprises, this sign will give you the shirt off their backs if that's what you need (I'm sure the Jamo can attest to that. I've had to reel it in though cos a lot of people have no qualms taking advantage of niceness), yet once they are crossed, there's no turning back (It takes a lot for me to get that way, but once i do it's hard to turn back. Very hard, i guess cos it would take a lot for me to start to feel comfortable with the person again). They feel deeply, and once hurt, it can be impossible to turn things around. Commitment to family is strong and consistent with the Scorpio (I love my crazy disjointed and dysfunctional family). They are exceptionally helpful in managing affairs, and they are excellent advocates when needed (Power ranger extraordinaire. I'm available for hire. Seriously though, for whatever reason I've always found myself in that role. Whether as my brother's advocate to stop his much larger twin sister from killing him when they were younger, or as my mom's advocate to my dad. Let's not talk about the power ranger i do for my friends. I guess it's cos I'm very vocal when it comes to expressing my feelings and i can't stand people being taken advantage of or being mistreated when I'm around).

Career and Money

I desire is the key phrase for the Scorpio. They are fantastic at managing, solving, or creating (So true). Once the Scorpio sets their sights on a goal, there's no deterring this sign (Tell me about it. The fact that i am still pursuing the med school thingy is a testament to that). Tasks that require a scientific, penetrating approach are always best done by Scorpions as they will delve deeply into the materials they have. Their ability to focus coupled with determination makes for strong management skills. They're not ones to worry about making friends on the job scene (LOL. God will help my anti- social ass at my lab job. I don't mind making friends at work but i wouldnt go out of my way if they are not people i gel with. I'm much friendly at my hospital job than at the lab); rather, they prefer to see the task accomplished well.

Pursuing such careers as scientist (yep, work in a lab), doctor (yep, want to be one), investigator, navigator, detective (unpaid amebo work), researcher (yep, work in research), police officer, business manager, and psychologist (yep, bachelors in psychology) all suit the mighty Scorpio (Do u think it's a coincidence that i am affiliated with 4 of the jobs mentioned?). Respect is an essential aspect of working for this sign. They need to respect their coworkers while also feeling a sense of being respected by others (Tell me about it).

Scorpions are disciplined enough to stick to a budget and unafraid of working as hard and as long as it takes to get themselves in a good financial position (I have been working 7 days a week since August 11th. Work a 16hr shift every Sunday since August. So yes, i need the money and don't have a problem working for it, but don't be expecting it to spend my money on ur ass (guys). I have vowed never to spend my money on a grown man who's just being lazy. Cry me a river! Get ur sorry ass and go look for a job. If i can hustle, so can u). Many are fortunate and inherit money (Grandpere why weren't u rich and make me a trust fund baby? I'm so mad at u right now). Whatever the case - and regardless of the balance - they are great managers of their dollars and are not apt to overspend (That is so true. Managing my kishii comes so easy to me). Money means security and a sense of control, which is important to the Scorpio (One of my greatest fears is needing money and not having it then having to depend on someone else for it). Therefore, they're going to hang onto the majority of the cash, making decisions carefully before turning any of it over.

Love and Sex

This is the strongest of the sexualities in the Zodiac (Freaky deaky ain't we?). Incredibly passionate, the Scorpio takes intimacy seriously (Very true). Partners need to be intelligent and honest (Don't want no dumb ass up in my face. U can't be cute all u want if u can't carry on an intelligent conversation. Keep it moving. That's where i draw the line). Much of the foreplay for this sign happens long before the bedroom through conversation and observation (I love this cos it's right on the money). Once in love, they are devoted and loyal to the death (See why i'm overly cautious. A relationship has almost sent me to an early grave but literally and figuratively so thank you very much. There will be no repeat performance for that). But relationships can take some time. The Scorpio needs to build trust and respect for a potential mate slowly and thoroughly (Tell me something i don't know).

So there's it guys. Don't say there was no proper self-disclosure going on in this blog. I have bared my soul to u all and in return i want 20 cows and nothing less or else i will sic Yardua's 13yr old son and his machine gun on u guys.

Just in case my countdown clock chooses to malfunction, and i trust u pple to use that as an excuse, my birthday is OCT 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do i expects gifts.............. errrmmmmm NO! Surprise me! Y'all know where i live. Right here! or here at So chacha4mi on that day. No excuses! Invisible, i want my flowers and my cheese cake delivered straight to my lab, hospital and house. Nothing less than a dozen purple roses in each place. I don't care what kind of cheese cake u get as long as it's cheese cake! No excuses unless we go divorce that day.

Toluwa, i haven't forgotten your tag. I'm still thinking of something juicy. I got 2 already. I worked a 12hr shift yesterday, i was supposed to work 16hrs tomorrow but they are short staffed so bad for tonight so i'm going in 11pm -7am and 3pm -11pm Sunday instead. They wanted me to do 11pm -3pm the next day but i say God forbid. I can't walking around without taking a shower in day old undies, tufiakwa! So i passed on that one. So peace out my pple! I'll see u on the upside of Monday!


  1. dont worry we wont forget ur birthday, you want a birthday call?

  2. hmm...interesting traits that u have there...

    forget ur birthday ke? God forbid, lol!

  3. U this toluwa, ehn! There was only one comment when i got here!

    I looooooooove scorpions!!!!

    Happy birthday in advance hon!

  4. lollll@ toluwa
    Happy bday in advance dear'
    but prepare o cos.....
    i ll take u to silverbird galleria

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance.
    I love this Scorpio article I am almost jealous. But i like being a Taurus better.

    Send me your no so I will call you.

  6. Happy birthday in advance. loved all the responses to amebo. made me laugh. My two best friends are scorpios. Ironically one is born today. I love her so much and most of the stuff really applied to her.

  7. Yea right, u call that soul bearing??? Anyways happy birthday in advance!

  8. Another scorpion queen I see. Just like me. We are truly blessed.

    nobody dares 4get; 4 the fear of the sting!

  9. Just in case I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in advance). Did I just sting myself?? lol.

    All that astrology or horoscope stuffs are wacky jare. Sometimes they tell you good things and sometime out of wack things. It on point most times though which is impressive.

  10. So in your mind, you have revealed stuff about urself??? *hiss*

    How about a full face pic, love?

  11. vera@u show ur face first.u want make omolomo give up anonymity meanwhile, u wey be grandma never show us ur own face. na beans?????

    sting...i like these revelations o...the only stint i have is tht ur quiet.......i rily dont like having to figure out wht people are thinking.

  12. vera@u show ur face first.u want make omolomo give up anonymity meanwhile, u wey be grandma never show us ur own face. na beans?????

    sting...i like these revelations o...the only stint i have is tht ur quiet.......i rily dont like having to figure out wht people are thinking. isnt it ironic......sting is ur blog name and scorpions sting.

  13. we do rock dont we! i guess the article is like 80% me. lol @ ur side comments.

  14. What why did you just unveil my person? could as well have said Architecture is one of the careers they pursue.

    Nothing beats the scorpios......just a day ahead.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm sorry i think i missed it....but not totally? Hope you have a great day!!!


  16. Happy birthday love! May u have many more wonderful years...have a fab day! Mwah!

  17. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true in your lifetime. Have a good one girl.

  18. *singing bday song*
    Happy birthday to you, I went to the zoo, I saw a little monkey and it looks just like you.

    Yeepaa, sting will kill me but before she does...

    Hip hip hip! Hurray!!!

    How old are you now 2x
    how old are you now sting
    how old are you now?

    If you were born in October, stand up, stand up 2x
    la la la la la la la la la la la
    (I can't remember the rest, lol).

    Ok, e don do, my own don too much, no be me dey do birthday.

  19. funny, MM is a scorpion but he doesn't fit d stereotype @ all. am beginning to question him oh. maybe d dude don change him birthday too many times, he no remember again. lol

    u guys rock, scorpios. my mom is scorpio too & she's a terrific person. happy birthday! today is d day right? ddnt i read 29th somewhere there? hold on. let me be sure

  20. there it is!

    jeez, can u believe it? i was looking 4 my comment in a previous post? lol. ok, so, happy birthday love. wishing u d best of life.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY love!!!
    hope you're having loads of fun!

  22. Happy birthday Sting.
    Hmmmm...I always wanted to date a Scorpio man but it just never happened. Oh well...

  23. Happy birthday... mehn, I have been following your count down for so long!lol

    hope u had fun


  24. My darling dear Sting, i know i'm late, and i apologise. Blame it on my pharm test!

    Happy Birthday love. May this new year of your life bring with it lots of blessings. May you prosper in all that you set your heart to do. May all your dreams come true,

    may you get into med school, so you'll be as tired of nerves and yucky diseases as i am. And you'll be best friends with Snell & Robbins!

    Hope you had a fun day!


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