Thursday, October 16, 2008

Melu melu means.............

(singing) I'm back again, I'm back again yeah yeah! A, B, C, D, E........ how many of u remember that song from the Remedies? Do u pple even know who the Remedies are? I don dey question a lot of una Nigerianness...... This one wey una no fit tell me the meaning of melu melu so. B4 i continue, let me say thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last 2 posts. I really appreciate it. It helps to know u guys care. If not una for don hear say Sting, abi na Stingess don off herself and it would have been all INVISIBLE'S fault. Seriously, u pple should ask him y he rejected my marriage proposal. I dey vex.

Anyhoo, i have been here for the last hr updating my bloglist. Who sent me to go and change my blog template, i don't know. Toluwa and Vera, thank you! God bless u. Una go born twins, triplets, sextuplets, quintuplets, and all of them join together. They were the only ones who said anything about my template change. For that, a wag of the finger to the rest of u all. You all are on notice!

So as some of u might have noticed (u better have) i have changed my name to Stingess. Why? Well, whenever i read pple comments and they refer to me as Sting, i'm always confused. Yes oh! I go dey look back they find Sting b4 i realise say na me. The name was just too masculine for me, so i decided to soften it a little bit hence the Stingess. Her royal highness Stingess the first! You r very welcome!

For the record, Melu, melu means............................. COW! It's the hausa word for cow pple. Get with the program........ Sheesh! Y'all need to be ashamed of urselves, and that's my final word!

P.S. I love Stephen Colbert.

P.S.S. Wordsmith almost daggered me this morning. She (forgive me if u are a he but u sound like a she) guessed melu melu means goat or some other livestock. I didn't remember who left that comment and i was too lazy to go look until i was sanctioned this morning. My apologies my sweets, please 4give. To the rest of u, SHAME ON YOU!

Okay, another test question: What is the meaning of Leke leke? Hint: It's an animal.

Alrighty, I have to give it to LG for not only knowing the Remedies song i was referring to, but also singing the rest of the song. You are a true son of the soil. Daughter of ur fathers, i throway salute. The title of the song is Eddie Ti de. LG, was also the first to sing the Leke leke song. This lady, u r three much! Wordsmith and Naija idol also knew the song. Kudos, my ladies. I remember singing the song and shaking my fingers whenever i saw a CATTLE EGRET (leke leke). Leke leke give me water finger...... of course after shaking ur hands that vigorously u are bound to have a white mark. Evidence of the magical powers of the leke leke :-) Growing up in naija was too fun mehn! So congrats to Allied, Chiefo and Isha who also got it right.

Jaycee, you guessed frog. Hmmm......... no comment!
Ms. O guessed Turkey or Vulture........ LOL @vulture. That cracked me the hell up!
LusciousRon guessed Dove............ i can see the similarity, so u try small
Invisible didn't know the exact animal but he knew the thing! Na so u take dey pass exam for school? As for u, invisible, ur case is serious. I am not re-proposing to u with no bank statement or whatnot. I'm broke, in fact i want to be sharing the money that u have with u. You if soak garri, i go follow u soak. No be so?


  1. First! Yay! Three gbosa to me. Gbosa, gbosa, gbosa!!!

  2. How really is the smile of a scorpion?

  3. do you mean Stingess or Stinginess, lol!

    how was I supposed to know that melu melu means cow? especially in Hausa, i resemble hausa babe? take time o!

    i actually saw ur blog template change and spent the next 3 hours trying to change mine, then i realized that i would lose all my polls, so i gave up on the idea!

  4. ahn ahn..Sting, u dnt count as first on ur own blog...and u r very welcome. i kinda prefer sting sha to stingess...i cant even pronounce stingess well sef!

    i shlda known...i was born in jos...oh wells! i have learnt new insult for my cow!

  5. Lol @ Stingess...

    I love ur new template. Yeah, u're welcome. Lol.

  6. i like stingess, although i must confess i'd take me some time 2 learn not 2 pronounce it 'sting'. my mind is like dat. one it's decided on something, e dey hard 2 change.

    oh, so daz wot melu melu means? interesting. well, d slang no reach my village sha, maybe na y i no sabi am. den again, i no come sabi d ABCDE song oh. lol. i know Remedies, but dat song no dey familiar. maybe dem sing am b4 ma mama born me, u nefa know

    love ur template. i even tried to copy it, but 4 some reason it was totally messed up on mine. i come reverse straight away 2 my original template (4 ruffin' it, not shotmusinz).

    "Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ...

  7. i got it now, you didnt even read my comment *pout* lol

  8. lolllllll dr.stingessss,
    WHO CAN U BE FIRST???????
    i gadu dis ur template but miss dos 'yelllo yellow' :-)

    BTW: ABCDE......
    love ur broda
    be humble to ur moda
    respect ur fada

    una nuuugoooo
    asim anya bia goooo
    (a ti gbe de o)

    *shebi i try??? (bats lashes)

  9. You don dey smoke something!! You hear me?? You dey smoke something!!!
    So if you had off'ed yourself, it would have been my fault? You never vex o. Which marriage proposal you propose??? Which one? See slander and blasphemy. I rejected a proposal I never received? Something dey chop for your head. I even asked you what you wanted for your birthday so I can personally deliver it, did you answer me?? See as you dey make me vex now. Oya, lemme cool down. WHOOSAH!!!
    Sting, change your name all you want, na sting I go dey call you.

    I noticed your change in template and I shouted halleluyah. It was not fun going to your blog with people around me (usually in class). It looked very fruity and stuff with butterflies and all those rainbow colors and things. You wanted people to be questioning my orientation. So THANK YOU for changing it. The day you changed it, you made my day. Oya clap for yourself.
    Melu melu means cow in hausa? Hmmm, malu means cow in yoruba. You be hausa pikin and who the heck is Stephen Colbert?

    My comment don long pass your post sef but I no send. After boiling my blood by calling me out like that, I'm allowed so close your mouth, all of you sef.
    Send that proposal again, along with your resume, credit report and bank statement.

    Are you making up stuff as you go along?? What song by the Remedies is ABCDE??? Sounds like a mix of a nursery rhyme and 9ice. We'll call it Sting's remix.

    I'm done talking. I've yabbed you too much, see what you caused stingess. I'm nicer and sweeter than this. Pele, sorry, I'll have a florist deliver some flowers to your house, your lab and your hospital. (I shouldn't tell you but whatever).
    Okay, no more, this has to be the longest comment ever posted on blogger. I want an award for it.

  10. OMG!! My comment is longer than your post. I should have just made a new post jejeli. I'm jobless o.
    I know leke leke joo. I can't remember the exact animal, but I know the thing.

  11. Leke Leke: sounds like it may mean FROG. Lol.

  12. Lol, i could have told you that melu melu meant. As for Leke leke - it is actually a bird not an animal. It is a cattle egret and it is white in color, hence the name Lekeleke.

  13. Yup, allied got it, it's cattle egret. It is still an animal though. Birds are animals.
    Oya ban me from leaving comments. I was trying to confirm leke leke and now that I have, no more comments from me.

  14. I think leke leke is umm a turkey or vulture..hehe!!! I like the new name and new template:)

  15. are u sure that is the Hausa word for cow?

    Wassup Stinger?

  16. Her royal Stingess? This is good. Lekeleke means Dove. I think there was a song about it when I was growing up.

  17. Leke Leke is a white bird. its called Egret in english i thinks.

  18. leke-leke come give me one fingaa
    leke-leke come give me 2 fingaa
    leke-leke come give me .....

    leke-leke is a bird ...that :-)

  19. I liked Sting, but if na Stingess you want now ok no problem.
    I know the Remedies no be Edris Abdulkareem group some time ago?
    Ok how was i suppose to know that melu melu meant cow? I didn't grow up in the north, I am a PH chick.

    Im not even going to ponder what leke leke means. In fact let me go find a Fatimah or Adamu and ask one of them

  20. Chukky: You'll just have to read on to find out.

    @bumight: I knew someone was going to make that connection LOL. I no stingy oh!

    @toluwa: You pronounce stingess the same way u pronounce princess. Shekina!

    @Jaycee: You know what's up. That's y i love u.

    @fff: That song is not that old oh!

    @wordsmith: Sorry my sweets. I saw ur comment but couldn't track it down when i wrote this. But u only partially got it sha! But i give u a pass mark.

    @LG: You are the shit! Na only u know the remedies song. For that i say 10 gbosa to u. I miss the yellow, yellow too.

    @invisible: First all of, even though u don cuss me for here tire today, u killed me with this one. I wan die for laugh. Since u don decide say u wan deny my proposal, no worry, God dey. I dey come find u for that state wey u dey. U think u can hide abi? Only u talk say my former template gay, only u still talk say i make up the remedies song. You r in trouble.

    @allied: you r the first to correctly guess the mean of leke leke and for that u have my undying love. What that could do for u, i don't know but u have it.

    @invisible, u r banned and fined from leaving anymore comments for today. You can bribe me though. I'm very bribable.

    @ms o. Turkey or vulture ke? LOL. At least u know it's a bird.

    @aloofar: Wellllll...... i've always known melu melu meant cow, but my mom who speaks hausa fluently told me it's the hausa word for cow.

    @LR, thanks for acknowledging my royalty. u r too sweet. Leke leke doesn't mean dove but there was a song about it.

    @chiefo: Right on chief!

    @lg: You got it!

    @okrika girl: Blame it on being a PH girl. No problem. I will buy that excuse just this once.

  21. all i know is leke leke gimme white finger LOL. i had a razz childhood

  22. i wasnt madd o... lol sorry about that... hehe

  23. leke leke means white eagret/ cattle eagret. i believe.

  24. LOL I love how you're the first commenter. Congrats, on the new look, stingess!

  25. Hmmm, see naija pikin. Bribable somebody. I never said I was going to deny your proposal o. You no sabi read?? I said send it along with some other information. Anyways, as per fellow naija pikin, oya name ya price. Wetin you want? Whisper it in my ears.

    And why are you threatening me now? You think say I go fear?? I live 6 hours away from you. Enter motor or plane, come down. I go come jam you for airport sef. All this your shakara.

  26. lol. Of course i know wat meluu means.....

    leke leke is a white bird, think its a dove or so. i remember the song we used to sing. stretching out our fingers in d air

    "leke leke bambooo gimme water finger, water finger".

  27. I dont even know how I missed this sef. Blame blogger O. I thought it was a dove too. How are you tho stingness. I like the name o, vewy prewtty.

  28. thank you for accepting my excuse o. i think i know that song, i didnt put one and two together..oh well.

    hope you have a good weekend

  29. melu melu a hausa word for cow?? how come i havent hrd of it before.. and i speak hausa pretty well.

  30. LOL@ U nont knowing that sting was u. Stingess is fine tho. I know the Remedies; (Eddy, Tony and Eedris)

  31. So melu melu means cow. We learn something new everyday...didn't know that. Well...Yorubas call it 'malu'.

    Your new name is fine. I did notice your new template and it is really nice. Ehen what about your promise to get me one? I've tried o. Can't find one I like yet.

    Buster was useless or maybe I'm not accessing it properly...The ones there are not user friendly and are in another language. I don't find changing templates an easy task. The last one you liked, I almost died getting that one and making the change. My current one is the easiest change so far. Anyway let me know if you have any other suggestions about getting a cool one.

  32. Is it too late for me to say that I know the Remedies and I can list 2 songs:- Omode meta and Shakomo. LOL

  33. stingess..hahhahahaa..sting..u will always be our sting!

    wait is melu melu cow in hausa..i swear i dont believe u!! melu melu sounds more like igbo to me!! lmaooo

  34. Awwww, aren't you sweet? You want to soak garri when I soak garri? My head don swell o. Oya, I don gree. Wait o, you want to spend the money I have? You suppose take your money join my own make bank full well well.
    So when are you moving in? Abi we no go do test run before we go altar?

  35. HEY, just checking in on you. How nah?

  36. lol @ bumight!!! I read her name change as stinginess as well. lol!

  37. Your new template is less dramatic and I like it, but where the fuck is Keyisha Cole's pic now?

  38. love ur blog .. leke leke is a bird innit! love the new template thought i'd say it before i get a double wag of the finger lol! it truly is banging totally made me smile

  39. Me i loved sting more for several reasons. damn girl!it was sexy....infact for a long time wen i didnt know u were female i had a lil crush on ya.....u wish! but seriosly...didnt u like the mystery wen pple wonder if ur male or female. to me thr's nothing sexier than a female bearing a masculine gona name all ma kids tht are female masculine names and vice-versa.

  40. I dont even know what to say! I just cracked up totally!

  41. hope i am not too late and hope nobody got the answer before i came. i swear i did not read the previous comments. leke leke is also known in english as Cattle egret...and for those who cant remember those, remember the white birds with long legs that follow 'Melu Melu' lol!
    am i right or am i right?


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