Monday, October 6, 2008

GTKM 1101 - Get to Know Me

Course Description

Introduction to the life and times of a mildy psycho Nigerian scorpio. Issues, dramadies and a whole lot of fun stuff. Special emphasis on all things (guys) cute.

4.000 Credit hours

As this is an honors class, you guys have been given the freedom to suggest (Keyword: suggest) the course content. Your suggestions will help me formulate a lesson plan (not that i need help, i'm just trying to be a good professor eh hen!). So eyin Blogsville, what would you like to learn about Ms. Wonderful herself. What do u mean who is Ms. Wonderful? Me of course, abeg stay with the program, no dulling allowed in this class.

Example of questions include:

Favorite hang out spots.............. on the internet! Ha! (No, i don't watch porn! Regularly......... I mean, at all)

So Ask and you (might) receive! I'm not God, so i can't say, ask and you shall receive.
Hit me!
Yours truly,
Dr. Mrs. Chief, Barrister, Honorable, Melu melu Sting IV Esq. (Professor in Charge).

P.S. This course is to be taken seriously. A grade below a B will result in immediate expulsion from college. I reserve the right to kick out any trouble makers in my classroom. Hooliganism, and tomfoolery will not be tolerated. Also, i have a zero tolerance for dullness. So please no dulling. Trolls are also not welcome.

The first person to get this question becomes the teachers pet. What does Melu melu mean?


  1. i ve to be first or i wont leave a comment o

  2. im first or is comment moderation deceiving me? ok. i will sleep good now. ok. second too. will read the post when i wake up.

  3. r u serious. we can suggest the content? hisssssssssss

    thought it was something else. what's my biz with melu melu? i know it o, by the way. its too simple so no need to answer.

    so, who's ur fav designer for boxers. u aint the one wearing it, but u admire 'him' when he wears that design.

    this sleep leave me first now.

    ehem, u said example of question include fav abi
    what's ur fav position?

  4. Uzezi is on a roll o.

    My Question: What is the link between "ask and you might receive" and "hit me"?

    PS - If you get the answer wrong, it would explain why those cute guys no sabi look your side.

    Thanks for your support dearie, really appreciate it:-)

  5. Lol @ Uzezi.
    I'm going to think...

  6. I might need to flunk out of this class o. This requirements are making me dull sef. Let me see if I can pass this test.

  7. uzezi u are spamming here too. LOL. The course content should include first luv story

  8. Uzezi you should be fined for taking more space than necessary. Teacher what do you say?
    As there is no dulling, my question is what do you consider a good kiss?
    Also what do you like best in a guy?

  9. LMAO!

    You see wetin joblessness can cause?

    Oya sting, come over, i've got loads of laundry and plates to wash,lol!!!

  10. The intro to this course is as funny as FUCK! Prof, is such language allowed? Your school is the real deal *thinks of abandoning my studies for this*

    Your blog is nice and alive. Here to stay.

  11. You this babe your offfff
    What is melu melu again?
    This is truly the work of joblessness

  12. u dis girl sha, i know know fo u o. I respectfully suggest that you include the best insult you've ever heard? And what your biggest mistake was and did you learn anything from it?

  13. I don't like tough exams (I'm sure no one does) so let me give you sample questions that will make the exam easy.

    - How old are you and dont be like Chari giving football age o (whatever that is)
    - Are you single or double?
    - What does melu melu mean?

    That was easy now abi?

  14. why ashes and dust?
    does i heart bailey have any special meaning?

  15. melu melu ke? I will just take the 0 right now. I am in bum mode and my brain doesnt need extra work o.

    And 4.00credit hour? Is there a lecture and lab?

    I shall be back for the course content sha.

  16. damn
    i gotta do assignments and shit
    im bout to drop out

  17. first ms sula, then bumight, then chari & buttercup and now you... me i no fit!

    kudos to you...looking 4ward to getting to know you a bit more from your answers sha

    @uzezi - you spammed here too?!!! hahaha

  18. Just ran here to see what melu-melu meant lol cos I 'ont know neither.

  19. Is it too late to register? No.

    What do u consider most attractive(physically) in a guy?


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