Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Naija for Life!

Today was our independence day. Naija was 48yrs old today. They say a fool at 40 is a fool 4ver! I know for sure that Nigeria was a fool at 40................ would it be safe to say that Nigeria is going to be a fool forever? Things are not any better than they were 8yrs ago, IMHO. Be that as it may, i LOOOOOOVE Nigeria, all day, everyday. Naija for life!!!!! Beautiful Nigerian People!

Do you see Lenie repping Naija in his green hoodie? That dog don't play. His middle name is not Teju for nothing. He's a true Nigerian son of the soil.

So as u can see, i repped Naija today. I'm very proud to be Nigerian. I really don't care about the bad reputation we have these days for being shady. I know i'm not shady. Everyone i know and love works hard for their money. So i continue to be myself and be a good example of what a TRUE Nigerian is. Happy Independence day. I can't wait to go home to go eat some good yam and egg stew.Oh! The thoughts of suya........ Good naija girl, abeg put me for inside ur luggage naw, biko! What's pls in yoruba?

P.S. I don go buy this hoodie a couple of weeks ago, only for ATL not to cold. Monday and Tuesday was warm. I been don dey vex say i no go fit wear this sweater, cos i didn't buy the green shirt i was looking at. Lo and behold, it was chilly today. Ha!

I hope y'all have seen the count down clock to my birthday. Eh hen! I don't want to be hearing any kind story story on that day.


  1. lol, that wud be jo or e jo, lol Where'd u get the hoodie from ns143 or something like that?
    GodBless Nigeria

  2. I'm seriously feeling Lenie's repping. he's mighty cute, even if I dont go for small dogs!

    that's a NS hoodie right?

  3. I don't think naija will be a fool forever but if they don't wake up soon, I don't know o but I'll rep the green white green any day.
    I like the graphics on the hoodie by the way.
    What do you want for your birthday? I will personally hand deliver it.

  4. STING O!!!!!!!!!

    DHL that hoodie ASAP!!!!!!!

  5. Great photoshoot! Look at a hottie like you being afraid to talk to that man at work. Pssssheeeewww, I don't believe it one bit.

    Love the hoodie sha. Three cheers for patriotism!

    I told you, I have room for you to come in my luggage but you have to find your own way back.

    I hope the rest of your Independence Day was smashing.

  6. Sting, where did you get your hoodie? Me likes!!

    Y did u cut ur face off??? U for just show ur entire face na???

    LOL @ Ikechukwu. LOL. He's cute as a button.

  7. yeah want that hoodie too, where'd you get it from. Lol @ Teju

  8. Girl e be like say you dey in da spirit o! Cos that is the title of my independence post as well!
    Trust me naija will get there in my life time...
    Loving your hoodie and your dog's middle name is Teju???Ok now!!!
    lol 9ice!!!

  9. Am loving ur top. Proudly Naija. Happy independence Nigeria, I hope that by this time next year, we will be celebrating significant progress in d economy

  10. Chineke me!!! You dey wear dog cloth? You don turn Oyibo finish now, Sting where is the Naija in you!lol!

    Loved the hoodie,cute.

    Okay and ur dog too.

  11. you got your dog a jumper?...cute.

  12. Awww lenie is so adowable!!!

    Yay, we finally get to 'see' sting! I love ur hoodie babe!

    God bless naija!!

  13. Your dog is lookig rather cute
    Nice jumper..did u get it from a website

  14. lol. I am laughing so hard at a fool at 40 comment.

    Lenie Teju is "gawjas".

  15. that hoodie rawks!
    (pls in yoruba is joo)

  16. I'm jealous..that dog is a real cutie!!! ;-p..


  17. ok. love the top. where can i get it?

  18. I love your dog!! so cute. 9jar for life o.

  19. ...that sure is the spirit. Nigeria def will not be a fool forever.

  20. Hey!
    Great shirt.
    Thanks for repping Naija to the fullest.
    Teju's pics are all over your blog. He's a cutie though.

  21. I like the hoodie o, she u want to buy one that looks just like that and send it to me. Temite bats her lashes and flashes a charming smile. Joo na.

  22. So lovely. I men the photo of u and your puppy

  23. I can see your face... :)

    Hmmmm... in Vera's footsteps... Abeokuta is not that small ohh... See he's almost as big as you... :)

    BTW, LOOOOVE the hoodie... I need to get one ASAP. Abeg email the link.

  24. It's times like this I feel sad to not be in touch with my naija side :(


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