Friday, October 10, 2008

I don tire like Styl plus tire!

I don't know what's going on with me today. I'm on edge.... i feel like i'm about to hurt somebody at this damn job. I'm stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed. I've been chewing starbursts since i got here like it's crack or something. I hate this damn job more with each passing day. I'm talking about the lab job in case u r wondering. The hospital job is still alright but they called me yesterday and i didn't pick up. I didn't feel like going in at 11pm after i had already made myself comfortable under my comforter. I need the money but i couldn't! I feel since i put i was available to work Thursday nights, and they chose not to schedule me in advance, then don't call me when the person u put instead of me doesn't show up. Then again, they might have needed someone to do a 1:1 and God knows as stressed as i have been, i can't deal with no added stress in whatever form. I don't want to kill somebody.

I can't believe no one knows the meaning of melu melu. Did any of u grow up in naija for real, for real? You ought to be ashamed of urselves. As it is, I'm canceling the damn class. If u don't know the meaning of melu melu, where do u expect me to start teaching from. Besides after i have revealed God knows what about myself, i bet u guys would use it against me when i become the next Michelle and Barack Obama (yes, the two of them combined). So I'll keep my mouth shut. Thank you very much.

Anyway, I've got enough shit to deal with. I have been writing essays for my med applications like it's going out of fashion. Let's not talk about all the money i have been spending. If i don't get into at least one med school next yr, there will be war. I don tire. I'm writing basically the same essays with different twists. Some of them ask me to tell them of a time when i did this or that. The this or that, i have never done. So do they want me to lie? I haven't completed one application because of that, so I'm about to sit my ass down and think of a very good story to write. All because i want to become a doctor. Na wa! My friends in Nigeria did not have to go through this stress just to get into med school. Now they will come here, write the exam, pass it and go start their residency without all the gbese of a student loan to worry about. I should have stayed my ass in Nigeria to go to med school, abeg! This is getting too much.


  1. Am I first. Temite looks around quickly. I am first! Temite singing - The lud that answereth by fire is my God. God that answereth by fire he will be my God. Ese gan ni, god is good O, please makuna all serve him well well, see what he has done in my life.
    Stingooo, wetin na, oya teacher, wetin be melu melu? so like I have always wanted to be a combination of both of them too, I thought it was just me sha. Hang in there friend, you will feel the benefits soon enough. When you are changing the lives of millions with your genius, you will see the rewards of all you efforts. It is well. Have a beuriful weekend. As per being on edge - pls indulge in a bout of Sex,(hehehe) that always works. shebi you can ask that cutie from work to help you out.

  2. Oh Temite must you always be first?
    Ok I am second.
    Temite I will start beefing o!

  3. Pele just persevere things get difficult at times but its just a phase to get you on to bigger & berra (hmmn hmmn I said berra)things.

    I still don't know the meaning of melu melu.

    Temite: Get back to studying, the last time I checked your fees were not paid to blogger school!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I lived in naija and I don't know what melu melu means so go and find another excuse for canceling the class. You're lucky we have democracy, I would demoed my craziness for you. Rubbish.

    Ehn ehn, so why is you feeling depressed again? Because you are writing essays? So you think it would have been easier in naija abi. If I sound that your head. Me sef dey on edge so this fight will be serious. Sha let me cool down for Jesus.
    I know it's not easy doing all that med school stuff. I'll tell you this though, if you have to make up stuff, make it! As long as you remember it during the interview in case it comes up. Don't let that depress you though. Easier said than done, I know but come on, you're tougher than that.
    Another thing, stop wishing you were anywhere else. You think it would be easier in naija huh. Look around you and see what you have that you won't have in naija. I'm not putting the naija folks down o but sting, open your stinger and shine your eyes.
    The best is yet to come. Look ahead.
    Oya wipe that frown from your face and go walk Lenie jare. Maybe another pitbull will give you that rush of adrenaline you need.

  5. i honestly dont know what melu melu is, are you sure you didnt make it up since no one else seems to know. :)

    writing essays can be a bitch, goodluck with that, and you're better off thanmost of the nigerian med students. they might have it easy with no student loans et co but you really are better off.

  6. Awwww, poor baby. Sorry, love. Don't worry you don't need med school to be a doctor. You can always follow Naapali to work and watch him. After a while, I'm sure you'll learn.

  7. if I send u a slap from blogger, I swear, it'll reach you!

    you're no longer in Nigeria, big deal. whoever said it was going to be easy getting into med school in nigeria and staying in med school for that matter.

    Anyways, goodluck on ur essays. pele. help is just an email away! *wink*

    email me lemme know what schools you're applying to.

  8. poor baby

    come here

    put your head on my shoulders

    i got a big hug for you

    my squuezing


    i can see that i hurt you so ill stop lol

    hope you have a better day tommorrow hunny buuny :)

  9. My dear, melu melu has to be one of those things u can only hear from some village hse girls, cuz ,me i grew uo in naija but i no know d meaning.

    Abt work, my dear, it is well, just hang in there.

    Then these med sch ppl, hmmm, use ur imagination, shey dey want to hear story, jus settle down and take dem on a magic carpet ride, they will have no choice but to accept you!

  10. For a situation like this, I recommend the following:

    1. Some cool Ijahman Levy music - 'Heavy Load' will do.

    2. A very nice bottle of brandy - any kind, but something with quality.

    3. Some 'coolman' - if u can get it.

    Set the music to repeat itself, take your pants off, put your feet up and just blaze and shack away. Try it, you will thank me someday :)

    No worry, e go better!

    P.S. - seriously, try the above, you will luv it!

  11. Hey babe jus try to take a minute to breathe...
    It'll all be worth it at the end of the road... I'm certain.

  12. Sorry that you're going through stressful times; it will pass though (eventually!).

  13. hmmm does melu melu mean goat or some form of livestock, cos it sounds like maalu...

  14. Wetin be melu melu? My dear take am jeje o. Everything go dey ok..we go soon dey call you Dokita. :)

  15. You'll be alright hon. Just keep doing what you know how to do in the best way possible. Consider it seed time, cos harvest time is just around the corner.
    Have a great week.

  16. i can understand ur frustration with work. we all go 2ru one of those every 2 pele. nna mehn, which one na melu melu. haba. sure say na 4 naija u grow up? dis one na only u sabi d melu melu thing.

    "Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ..

  17. Stingesssssss!(y u come change ur name na?) pele love, the Lord is ur strength baybay! Will be prayin for u..

  18. Stingesssssss!(y u come change ur name na?) pele love, the Lord is ur strength baybay! Will be prayin for u..


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