Monday, October 13, 2008


I am so sad. It's almost 2pm and i have been crying since i got to work. I can't do this anymore. I freaking hate this job. I spent the last hour talking/crying to my mentor at the lab. I don't know what i would have done if i didn't have him to talk to. 2008 wasn't supposed to be like this. I wasn't supposed to lose all my friends and be virtually friendless. Most of the time the highlight of my day is when i read the comments you guys leave on this blog and at lot of them are so funny, i just can't help laughing regardless of how i've been feeling. I don't talk about it much but this blog/you guys mean a lot to me cos i don't know how i would have gone through this year without having this outlet. I probably would have been a depressed mess, albeit a cute one (Ha! just had to add that). See what you caused, now i've lost my train of thought.

I wasn't supposed to still be at this job by now taking all this mess. I was supposed to be in medical school................! I hate the people (some of them), the environment, everything! I have decided that this job is threatening the well being of my mental health. I do not want to end up as a patient in the mental hospital where i work. Therefore, i'm back on the job hunt. I need to find another full time job so i can leave this place without showing my ass. Oh! I have been so tempted to unleash my bitchiness to some of the people here. I am a naturally sarcastic person, and it's been really hard to keep it professional and be respectful to some of these people. I've had enough. I don't want to lose my temper cos when i do, i usually don't care where i am. I go don craze finish before i remember where i dey. Trust me, i speak from experience. So i want to leave b4 it gets to that level. I wish the psychiatric hospital job was a full time thing, i would have quit today!

This ungrateful idiot at the lab that thinks i'm her personal slave has just asked me to stain some slides today. After asking me if i'm busy, i told her i was going to do stuff in the breeding colony and she was like what next........ go home?! What the fuck kind of question is that? I just said, tell me what u want me to do and i will do it, because if i had replied her what was on my mind, i would have been telling u another story. Let me die if i stain those slides today. Tomorrow, maybe! If she needs help she needs to get an undergrad assigned to her. I'm sick of doing her shit without so much as a thank you. The other day, it was already 5.30pm, everyone had gone home, i was trying to pack the biohazard waste so i could take it to the designated place, this bitch proceeds to tell me on her way out that before i leave i should fill up the deionized water container. The container wasn't even empty. I was so pissed. Of course, i didn't fill it up. She dey craze.

Deep breath! Calm down............. I need to get through the rest of the day.


  1. Wow, girl, take it easy. You need to stay positive. I was stuck at a job I hated for almost 4 months last year when I was supposed to be doing something better, just liek you. And it was a struggle to not ggo crazy. Trust me, when things changed for the better, they really changed with a bang, and when I least expected it. I know it's not what you want to hear right now, but everything's going to be ok.

  2. Lab jobs are supposed to be fun. I think you should look for another jobb if its that bad.

  3. Hun, please trust that everything's going to be alright. Everything in life is relative to the situation we are in. It will get better and your coping strategy of keeping your cool under pressure is still working for you, so use it whenever you need it.

    There are always these annoying types at most work places and the best way to deal with them is what you are doing...passive aggressive...doing what you want/need to do without being confrontational. It's the best way to deal with such people. As the saying goes...actions speak louder than words, so let her talk to the hand!

    Keep your spirits up hun, you'd do just fine:-)

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  5. I'd like to think it's just this particular lab that doesn't work for you so I think it's a good idea to be looking for another setting that will best suit you.

    You can do it! I hope your sweet doggie is able to lick the tears of frustration away.


  6. sting...this is just a small phase in your will will fly into medical school...

    honestly try and look for another job...pls

  7. I could have sworn I wrote this post about 3 years ago. I used to be so pissed at work. There was this guy that used to annoy me and scream my name from across the table. Then one day (I always knew that one day will come). He came into my office, screamed at me while i was eating over something that was not even my business. I finished my food (the thing was paining me) and I jerjerly went to collect something from the printer. He then came to hail me ( apparently his conscience was pricking him). yeye. lets just say i said things to him that made him speak to me with respect after that.

    But then, that was tairebabs in her mad days. Don't let the work get to you. Think of it as just work not life. I know it is hard but put in your best and make yourself happy no matter the criticism.

  8. hey babes, u sound like u are in a real bad shape, at the risk of sounding like a broken record i'l say be easy....

  9. what can I say? u alone know how much the job is affecting you. Do what you think is right without fear or the outcome. and please pray before you take any action, and ask for God's direction.

    there's nothing as bad as been stuck with a job you don't enjoy. i always believe that we give our very best at a job that we enjoy to the fullest. if you don't enjoy the job, dont let it drag, and dont let it tie you down.

    wish you the best. and please stop using such words as if you stain the slides today, you will die. there's power in the tongue.

    people make us so mad we use words we don't mean.

    love you lots.

  10. I really don't know how to stain slides or any of the stuff you do, but i do know how it feels to be stuck in a job you hate when you KNOW you are better than that. I just got a not so new job in May, my last job was hell filled with not one or two but many devils (in my mind). I can't say I exercised the kind of restraint I think you are exercising right now at all times back then. Sometimes I lost it and gave some people a taste of my biyatchiness. I even spent a whole morning in January crying to my mentor (just like you). I threatened to resign and he begged me not to.
    Well point is, I have a fantastic job now and guess what the people are great too, but you know, not all of them. Some are horrible, but I think my last job was a phase that has prepared me adequately for this one. I have more people reporting to me now than ever before and I have also learnt how to get the best out of people based on lessons hard learnt. Keep your cool, learn from these experiences and one day you'll actually be sorta glad you experienced this.
    Chin up and keep blogging. :)

  11. so you're looking for another job right?? i hope you find a better place.
    cuz i know a bit of what you're going thru. i'm serving and it sux. i used to fetch photocopies and would have made tea if i didnt threaten to almost poison the guy with the shit.
    then i moved to another dept and it was great, until they hired people to phase me out. i swear i went to work just to sit in the backroom most days - i didnt even have a seat! these days i have a seat, but i'm pretty much just a glorified photocopier. it sux major ass, but i know it'll end eventually.
    i try to cheer myself up by thinking how many people wish they had even half of the opportunity that i have, and i try really hard to be thankful for where i am.
    not having friends around you can be so heartbreaking i know. i have no wise words to get you thru that... try to keep in touch on facebook, maybe?
    i'm glad blogging helps lift you up sometimes.
    take care, and try to be positive babe.

  12. pele. bring don't collaspe under dis strain. find a way 2 b positive, i know it must b difficult now. but u need 2 have a clear head to find a good job & make d best decision. sorry, dear. it'd all work out fine.

    "Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ...

  13. I for yab you again as usual but my eyes are half open. If they allow me at this work, I'll put my head on this table and sleep.
    Okay, so you have this african hating bitch at your lab abi? I would have told you what to do but by the time you're done, you will have to kiss your medical ambition buh bye. Them fit carry your yansh back go naija sef so I'll leave it in my mind.
    E go better though. Keep your head up.

  14. Sting luv ( or is it stingess now) it will be well u hear. If the lab job isn't working out, just walk away, for the sake of ur sanity.

    About med sch, it will come in its own time, u sef u will get tired like me. But do try to make one friend @ least, i know we all in blogsville try to lift each others spirits as much as possible, but there's only so much our words can do.

    Oya chin up! Take care luv!

  15. darling, don't be so hard on yourself. It gets better hon, you just have to stay strong. pele o. it is well yeah. Just think of each day as an opportunity to get closer to your dream position/career/etc in life. Ok?

  16. eeeyaaa...pele dear...sogbo?

    hey come to think of it...wenever u don vex u can take it out on that ur dog...rosco abi wetin u call am sef...abi wetin u feel?

  17. just checking in on you are you golding up 2day

  18. My dear, it can be bad really, but run to God, sure y'll find relief. Plus, it happens to everyone btw, so dont take it too hard on urself. Hope to find you happier sooner.

  19. relax my dear Sting..things would get better and i hope u get a better job...

    Take a long walk with Lennie when u get home. breathe in and breathe out...

    Things would be fine! XOXO

  20. btw..i like the new look of ur blog!

  21. Sorry about ur job sting...

    I hope it gets better, or that you get another one such as when you wake up every morning you will feel like going to work.

  22. Awwww, sorry love. Kai. I can only imagine the frustration. Pele, my dear. You should definitely get a new place. Don't lose your cool.

    Loving the new look of ur blog.

  23. Gurrrl, calm down. Continue to breath and remember that whatever petty agenda that lady has is not your issue and will not control you reactions or actions.

    You will be just fine.

  24. Had a job I didn't like as well. Everyone thought I was doing okay but I was dying on the inside.

    Left the job now and I'm a much saner person now.

    God will make a way dont worry.

  25. I think if its that bad then you should just wakka out of that place and gimmie a call il organise some pple them to come and deal with ur boss (lol)!!!!
    Chin up girl all this ish wont last forever.

  26. I know I'm all late but pele dear. Hey, maybe it's a seasonal thing - I get really really funky in October. Like, I get so tired and I start losing weight and stuff. Anyway, stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize. Pele!

  27. Aww, sounds like you really are having a hard time. Pele o! Hopefully it will get better, I know I always find October to be really rough. Take heart.

  28. Lots n lots n lots of cyber hugs! God will be with u..


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