Sunday, December 8, 2013

Toni Payne - I'm a fan

I like people who think for themselves, don't follow the crowd and are not afraid to speak the(ir) truth. Toni Payne just acquired a new fan. You can find out why by reading this if you care.

I like Toke Makinwa. I think the deliveries on her vlogs are funny. I was a bit dissapointed when she said Kim K. was her role model (or something to that effect) but whatever floats her boat. I never got the Toke hate, because i don't know her and can't be bothered to waste time disliking someone who doesn't affect my life in any way. I think Linda needs to be more responsible with some of the content she posts on her blog and after the post about the white girl and her dark skinned boyfriend, i sent her an email stating that. Right or wrong, people look up to her and she does have a certain influence.

You can't let the love of money make you lose your integrity.

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