Sunday, December 22, 2013

Awoof dey run belle

I feel sick and I blame myself. I don't know which i prefer, cold or abdominal pain. I think i prefer having a cold. I went home for thanksgiving, my nieces were just recovering from colds and the 4 yr old still had a cough. I always take charge of her when i visit (the baby refused to send me this time), so i would always feed her. Well, she's a slow eater and not too into food so you have to talk, threaten and bribe her to chew and swallow, while all this is going on, of cause i think i'm invincible, forgetting everything i learned in my peds rotations about how these kids are a cesspool of germs and infection, so as i feed her, i eat also with the same spoon. Guess who got majorly sick after i left? Me! I had sore throat, lost my voice, had sinusitis, was coughing like a hag, as those symptoms improved, my nose started running like a mother. I had to travel and bought 3 little things of kleenex, in just one 2 hr flight, i had used up two. I cleaned my nose so much, underneath became red and sore and almost started to peel. As soon as i got home, it was straight to wet wipes. It was horrible. My runny nose just stopped 3 days ago. My schoolmate had a baby and i couldn't carry him until 2 days ago.

As i was leaving from going to see her, she offered me some Milk as she had a lot, new mom things. Like a lot of black people, i happen to be lactose intolerance and i have ONLY drank soy milk (only, only, only, exclusively) since 2004. She knows this about me, but she had Lactaid, which is supposed to be okay for lactose intolerant people as it does not have the lactose which our bodies can't breakdown. However, i had heard that some lactose intolerant people still had trouble with Lactaid, so i mentioned it to her and she said her husband who is also lactose intolerant, had it and was fine. Now, since i hadn't anything besides silk soymilk, i had no reason to think i would not be fine. So i drank the milk twice yesterday. I was perfectly fine. I stayed up until around 2am then woke up at 4ish with the worst abdominal pains ever. I have issues with my stomach, but not this type of pain. This was diffuse, crampy and intense. I've never had food poisoning in my life but it felt like this was what i had and i couldn't figure out why because i hardly ever eat out and definitely didn't eat out yesterday. I couldn't figure out why i would have diarrhea and this type of stomach pain.

So about Noon, i decide to drag myself to eat some cereal. Pick up the carton of Lactaid and that's when the light bulb finally came on. I was just like, stupid, stupid girl. I never even thought of that. I guess the people who came up with the saying "Awoof dey run belle" knew exactly what they were saying. So here i am, feeling crappy, no sleep with shit to do. I'll just respect myself and stick to my Soy milk from now on. Lactaid can go straight to the hottest part of hell for this bullshit.

I only accept sympathy in cash. Otherwise, no worry. I'm going to lie down. 


  1. Laughing out loud. Awuf does run belle. Most sayings really have accurate origin.

  2. Lol Awoof dey truly run belle pele..Hope you're much better now??

  3. sigh.. i dont get the "awoof..." part. someone please translate


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