Thursday, December 5, 2013

Goals for 2014

At the end of 2012, i made a list of things i wanted to achieve this year and i am happy to say 50% of those have been achieved. I am very happy at where i am right now because it was a struggle to make it this far. I started off the year being overweight weighing 167 (i was actually 153 in dec 2012 but going home for christmas is never good for my weight) with a BMI of 26. Since 2009, i have fluctuated between 153-167, anything above 150 is overweight for me and i was sick of it. One of my goals for 2012 was to stop being overweight and i am very happy to say i was able to achieve that and have been in the mid 140s since August.

My goal for next year is to get super fit and toned, get those abs on point and just be able to develop healthy habits that would become the norm for my life. My family is doing great with the weight loss and healthy lifestyle thing. I'm actually the one slacking behind because i have chilled out since August. i haven't even been to the gym since sept 15th. My sister who weighed 210lbs when she had her baby in June 2012, is now 130lbs. That is 80lbs. I got home and felt like i was seeing a different person. She never lost the baby weight from her first pregnancy where she gained 55lbs, then she had another baby, so since 2009, i had gotten used to seeing a bigger version of her. I was so impressed. It's all food intake. She's a perfect example of the saying that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

It became a competition between us when she got to the 160s and she slowly closed the gap and kept on going. I am SO proud of her. Both her and my mother have way more discipline than me when it comes to eating healthy. I will never be caught dead with a raw tomato in my mouth but they eat healthy like that. I went home for thanksgiving and was inspired to get back on track after my mother who is going to be 61 in 10 days was asking me to show her exercises to tone up. So for her birthday she is getting 10lb weights and a strength training exercise DVD. This woman can outrun me any day anytime.

There are other things i have in mind for next year. I've always wanted to serve as a mentor for young girls. LOL. I know right, me and my crazy self. But believe it or not, i am actually well behaved in real life. If you have good home training, it never leaves you, so while i might seem to be a little witch on here, that's not necessarily the case. That's not to say i can't flip out if i need to, i just don't. A lot of young females need guidance and i think i have something to offer in that regard.

I would like to reduce my cussing to 10%. I can't get rid of all of it because i don't want to as it is needed from time to time. Life will already be less colorful with the 90% i'm losing, let's not get too carried away here.

Example of (my sister's) Daily food intake - For those who are interested. She sent it to me in October and i didn't even take a look at it until today. LOL.

Breakfast (8am) - 4oz fat free milk, 2 Melba Toast (you can find in Walmart), 10 green grapes or 3 pineapple slices or 2 prunes

Mid AM (11am) - Protein bar

Lunch (2pm) - 2-3 pieces of Tilapia or 7oz chicken breast, I cup brocoli, I cup cauliflower, 2 melba toast

Mid PM (5pm) - 10 green grapes or 3 pineapple slices or 2 prunes

Dinner : 7-8pm -  2-3 pieces of Tilapia or 7oz chicken breast, I cup brocoli, I cup cauliflower, 2 melba toast

Bedtime - Protein bar (if needed)

 It requires a lot of discipline but it worked for her.  This is exactly what she ate everyday for 5 months. Of course you can change things up to suit yourself. This is just to give you a general idea if you are interested.


  1. Wow!!! Your sister's weight loss....impressive!!! Very impressive!
    LMAO @ home trainning in real life....LMAO....I understand that concept to an extent
    My mother has been my motivation for even trying to get fit these days....these days, who woman wakes and asks me "Are we working out today"? and if I respond in the negative. she goes ahead and does her stretches and all. We do some Fitness Blender work outs together and Tiffany Rothe...
    Awesome stuff!

  2. Girl that my goal too. I am currently 141 lbs. I need to lose between 6-10 lbs. Excited about 2014.

  3. Wow! Ur sister's story is great....but her diet na wa oooo....I can't survive on that menu. No rice?

    1. rice o. I don't even eat rice myself. I jejely replaced rice with beans as my staple and i don't miss it at all. Probably cooked rice about 5 times (or less) this year.

  4. That is interesting. I was going to ask what she eats....and you delivered that. Didnt she get bored though and what about restaurants?

    1. Once she got on this "diet' and started dropping the pounds, i think it helped her stay motivated because I remember the first thing she said to me was "I wanted to kill myself with food" because prior to this, she was exercising a ton, had a personal trainer and was barely losing any weight. I think she was just sick of being fat, saw something that worked for her and was disciplined. I'm pretty sure she doesn't eat out anymore. My sister knew all the restaurants in Atlanta at a certain point.

      She was 141lbs when she got pregnant with her first child (although she says she was in the 120s but i don't think that's true) and to balloon up to 200s in less than 3 yrs is a huge adjustment. When you have my mother nagging you to lose weight, you forget about boredom and get with the program. I will ask for an updated version of her eating habits now.

  5. Wow wow wow..... Please can she email me, I need some serious motivations. Lol, was this what she really eat for 5 months? Gosh I need disciplined.

    1. Email me and i will give you her email address. She said it's okay. This is what she really ate for 5 months.


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