Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shuga Naija and Extended Family

So the first episode of Shuga Naija is out and I will reserve my comments and keep an open mind until i see future episodes.

Extended Family - I am have been such a huge fan of Bovi ever since i first saw him on Who wants to be a millionaire. His waffy pidgin dey burst my head. I love it. I subscribed to his youtube channel months ago and would always see updates of "Extended Family" but i never watched it until yesterday and i am hooked. It is hilarious. Thankfully, there are still many more episodes before i get to the most recent one. I guess i'm not telling you guys anything new especially if you are in naija. I love that all the episodes are on youtube.

I always have a certain song at anyone time that releases endorphins from my brain and it would be on repeat. These songs change frequently but when i'm into it, i can play it like 100 times at once. Not kidding. i can be obsessive like that. This is the song that is doing it for me right now. I escpecially love Flavour's part in the song

On that note, I bid you good day!

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