Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sex and Old Goats

Haven't felt like blogging but I know I promised you guys a post about my epiphany in clinic. Long story short, a lot of middle aged men have some sort of erectile dysfunction. There's the myth of the strong virile man who can have kids anything he wants, even well into his 80s. That's not exactly true. Now I know why Viagra is so popular and smart women chose to be cougar's. These women know what's up. These randy old goats can't get it up half the time, sometimes even with the help of Viagra, which is not effective in everyone.

It now makes sense why men who were painting the town when they were young, calm down when they start to get older because their penises decided to close shop on them. Ha ha!

Of course, this is not the case for every man but it is very, very prevalent, starting as early as the 40s. Don't let these men deceive you.

Thank God for Viagra, although Cialis seems to be a favorite brand these days. I had a patient apologize to me for asking for Cialis in front of me. lol. I was like, I'm going to be a doctor, I should be comfortable in any situation, which I am. I guess he was embarrassed.

Biggest thing I found that helps is to be physically fit, as in exercise and remain in good shape. If you have diabetes, there's a huge risk for erectile dysfunction because of vascular problems. I also just found out that there's a link between diabetes and low testosterone. I need to read up on that. So guys, diabetes is not your friend, neither is being a fat, inactive human.

So philander away while you are young, because you might not be able to when you get older. J/k. Seriously though, the biggest thing I got from this is that being a cougar is the way to go. Lol. Ok, let me be serious. After seeing older married guys in their 60s come in for whom Viagra has been ineffective and hearing them say it's okay and sex is not that important, it made me realize how important it is to end up with the right person, a good friend and partner. That's the biggest epiphany I had.

Although to paint a complete picture, a lot of older people have very active sex lives. You can ask people who work in nursing homes, let them tell you stories. But ask these men to tell you the truth about their erectile dysfunction, especially the pot bellied toads who chase after everything in skirts. They are probably overcompensating for their inability in the bedroom. I kid, I kid.

*I am referring specifically to randy old Nigerian goats in this post. Not my poor innocent patients. Na the one wey concern me, naim I go talk.


  1. Yes... having a friend, a partner who loves you from the inside out is what matters in the long haul. But I'm going to make sure my partner eats right and exercise. I don't think that I can ever say that sex is not important with a straight face.

  2. Lol! I can't even imagine me mounting some pot bellied man.. yuck!


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