Monday, November 11, 2013

Here's to the Girls

So me!
makeup free 99.9% of the time
Do not own a pair of heels
lol @ perfect hair
sweatpants over skinny jeans any day
(some skinny jeans are comfy though)
I like my t-shirts at home
Definitely don't need a guy to tell me i'm beautiful
my mirror doesn't expect anything in return
I love me some me!
On a good day :)

hey! I never said my life was filled with butterflies and rainbows
I be dealing with some major angst sometimes.


  1. *raising a glass of berryblast* Here's to you :*

  2. here's to loving ourselves.

    been a minute i stopped by r u doing dokkie?

  3. Lol...You do not own a pair of heels for real? I own 3 and I keep telling myself I need to improve but something else grabs my attention like flats!


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