Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Calling people out?

I think i just figured it out. #lifeofanewlymintedinsomniac

Nothing annoys/irritates me more than reading a post that is more or less a cryptic message. They want to say something about someone but don't want to say it. So they say enough to push your amebo button then leave you hanging. Stuff like that is what turns people into paranoid detectives. That is, if they have nothing better to do with their time and still have fucks left to give. If you want to talk about something or someone, then talk about it. If you are playing tactful diplomat and want to throw stones from afar then I humbly suggest you swallow that shit like a big girl and stop the cryptic madness. It annoys me to no end and a certain blogger is more guilty of it than others. No! I will not be naming names because this does not directly have to do with me (or does it?). I guess i feel like turning people into paranoid detectives today :)

Long story short, when i have shit to say about someone, i save you all the hassle of turning into amateur Sherlock Holmes and say it. Life is too short, why make it harder on my beloved readers. LOL. Instead of that stupid Anonymous idiot to be thanking me, she was accusing herself of always calling people out. Btw, Auntie Anonymous, in case of next time, I know who you are o! I don't know why you thought you were hidden just because you commented anonymously. Too easy.


  1. Nawa 4 u. Babe u need to chill out sometimes... I feel u take life too seriously but it ain't my dear. Jheeezeee!!!

    1. No go get stroke for my matter o. No be power u take type that Jheeezeeeee!!!!!! so? I feel like I should be the one telling you to take a chill pill. It's never that serious. Anyway, thanks for the advice sis.

  2. I feel this way all the time.
    some people however just don't know the meaning of subtlety. I mean if you only post quotes on "bye haters..etc" I'm gonna believe either your insecure or that it's directed at someone. hmmm... people are funny but as I've had to say many a time, just be honest because at the end of the day, that's what i'll respect.


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