Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I did the most girly out of character thing today and i just have to blog about it for posterity's sake. My Ambulatory clinic this month is 30 mins away from my apartment without traffic. Me being me, i started off the month leaving home at 830am, so while i would get to clinic at 9am which is technically on time, I would sometimes be too late for the first patient, so i had to start leaving at 8.15-8.20am to get there with 5 mins to spare.

Last night was a mess, i ended up with insomnia that was without question a direct curse from the gods. I kid you not. Amadioha must be vexing for me or something. I only slept for an hour if that. I don't even think i slept at all, so to say i was a bit sluggish this morning is an understatement. Breakfast was out of the question because at about 2am when i first got out of bed in frustration, my first stop was my fridge. I ended up eating 5 sticks of string cheese and 2 packets of special K pastry crisps out of boredom and felt instantly sick. By 4am, i had abandoned all attempts at sleeping, so i watched some episodes of Judge Judy. 6am-7am is a blur, so i guess i must have slept then, by 7am i was ranting about my insomnia then I took a shower, got dressed, packed lunch and made some peach flavored tea with honey.

At about 825a, i noticed my nail polish was chipped on all fingers. I debated whether to get nail polish remover and clean it off or since the nail polish was on the table, re-apply nail polish. Now that i am writing about it, i wonder if lack of sleep was making me delirious. First off, this is the second time this year, i am using nail polish. I don't have the patience for such things. I like how it looks and everything especially if it is a pretty color but it's just not something i take the time to do. My normal self would have ignored the chipped nails and gone to work like that since i was already late, actually my normal self wouldn't be wearing nail polish in the first place. Instead, I stood there this blessed morning and painted all my fingernails over forgetting that i hadn't put on socks. LOL. I'm just sitting here laughing thinking about my socks wearing fiasco this morning. I'm a mess and a half. I almost didn't wear socks but the 19 degree weather put the fear of God in me. I somehow somehow chooked my legs inside those socks, succeeding in messing up my nails a bit. I made it to work, late of course but thankfully, the first patient was scheduled for 920am, so all was well in the world.

Na wa! How do girly girls do it? I can't shout o. The truth is, i can't stand being unkempt at work, I'd rather not have nail polish at all than show up with chipped nails which is why i don't bother with such things. Now at home, i can be a bum from now till tomorrow. I roll into the Walmart which is down the street from my apartment looking homeless from time to time and that doesn't bother me at all. My mother would probably scream if she ever saw how i leave the house sometimes. Thank God she's not here.


  1. LMAOOO.....Keep up with these practices, else, how are you going to get a husband?! ha! Be girly o....
    Take me seriously at your own risk!

    1. KOLO number 1, you know i can't take you seriously. LOL.

  2. i can't.
    I love nail polish but the hand sanitizer they have us using just rubs it off... if I work every other day their is no way im applying and reapplying. #Lesigh
    I think polish has been delegated to sunday-sunday affairs.


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