Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good day

Thanks for all your birthday wishes. If you follow me on instagram you would have gotten a little update. That day did not seem like my birthday at all. I missed 90% of my birthday phone calls, did not get to eat either breakfast, lunch or dinner until about 6.30pm and didn't get a chance to listen to the birthday song my niece sang for me which my sister posted on instagram until 1130pm. My senior was nice enough to send me to sleep at 12am and she gave all the new admissions (4) to the intern who was pissed and did not bother responding to my greeting when i strolled back to the team room at 5am. LOL. I felt bad but it wasn't my fault. I told her to page me and she didn't. She mentioned she had been on call on her birthday, so i guess she was just trying to be nice to me. Besides, the more patients she gives me, the more she gets so the SMS follows the same patients as the senior, so it was less work for her too.

I wasn't able to get a good sleep anyway as i am never able to sleep when i'm on call. The rooms always seem icky to me and are freezing. I ended up sleeping with my shoes on and two blankets, yet was cold to the point of waking up every hour to pee. They should have just sent me home. Anyway, that's that. I'm a year older. I gave myself the gift of good health by going to the doctor that day. I got the second admission and left for my doctor's appointment with the promise that i would be back ASAP, but that did not happen as i made sure i got Indian food and stopped by my apartment to change my shirt. Hey!  They let me escape and i did the needful.

I had dreams of coming home today from clinic and staying under my blanket to watch netflix. All that was dashed this evening. I guess in this day and age of google, God forbid anyone has any sort of privacy anymore. I'm so pissed. Mschewww......

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  1. Ha! Sting your posts are so sad sometimes :( E-hugs! Hope our (your online friends) birthday wishes made you smile a bit at least.


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