Monday, April 8, 2013

Why I LOVVEEEE Med school!

I have lectures all day tomorrow 8am - 5.30pm. We start off with a quiz and we get points for participating throughout the lectures aka TBL aka Team Based Learning. Now! We have readings before each TBL day which is where the quizzes come from. So for tomorrow, I have to read

  1. 8 cases from Casefiles
  2. 4 med U cases which take at least an hour each
  3. 9 articles, 5 of which i definitely have to read before tomorrow
  4. 4 chapters from our textbook
  5. 5 chapters from 2 different health related novels(non-fiction) and we have to come up with 2 questions per chapter and be ready to discuss it in case we are randomly picked. 
Guess who did not start until 1pm this afternoon? Me! 
Guess who is blogging instead of chugging away? Me! 

I have only done 7 of the 8 cases and i just want to be done and go watch Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion! 

In my defense, i spent the whole day yesterday looking up stuff and writing 3 different papers. Thankfully, they were all 1-2 pages long, but the assignment took at least 4 hours to prepare for each paper. Let's pretend Friday and Saturday never existed because beside doing questions which i do everyday, i don't know what i did with those days, except be sick on Friday and part of Saturday. The winches and wizards of blogsville are after me *cough* But then again, i'm just they are all winches and wizards for Jesus, so i don't have too much to worry about. LOL

Ok! About to go down my third cup of tea today. Let's try green tea this time. I need to show you guys my favorite vanilla spice yogi tea. It's awesome.

I see myself being up till at least 2am. 

MEd school is awesome! 


But i am not complaining..................................too much :)


  1. how did i know that title was misleading??? pele ..take it easy ...

  2. Lol. You're supergirl jor. You might be bent but never broken. You'll be fine xoxo

  3. #attagirl...Go show them! LOL...

  4. This is serious work o. You will scale through with ease, OK.

  5. funny Girl,ohh sorry lady,ohh its woman ohhh my bad its actually MADAME! lol..We all miss those things later on jare Enjoy it now..and about RHWOA hmmmm those ones..


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