Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toxic Relationships

You KNOW when you are in a toxic relationship. Period. The End!

All the, what should i do, what should i do questions is just a way to get around the fact that the heart wants what it wants but the brain sometimes knows better. Some of these relationships are like poison where as long as it's in your body, it has to go through your system before you can be free from it. It's either it's coming out of your front end or your back end, but as long as it's in your system there's no escaping. People who are dealing with those kinds of situations are the ones you will advise until you are blue in the face. Everyone in their lives including their dogs can tell them the same thing, but until they see that relationship to the end, whether the end entails their death, loss of sanity or being discarded like yesterday's trash, they won't rest. Some people are lucky enough to get clarity or just get fed up and leave before things get really bad but a lot of them won't. My friend caught her boyfriend with another girl, after embarrassing her and telling her that they were not dating only fucking (his words) even though they had been together for almost 2 years, this chic went to BEG the other chic to please leave the boy for her. LOL. I'm not making this up, she told me herself. The things chics put themselves through all because they want to attain the prestigious MRS degree.

Have you noticed that the people who give the best advice are the worst advice takers? Then never do what they tell their friends to do when they are the ones in the situation. A lot of us are guilty of that. This is why i never listen to anyone who says, If it's me ehn....i would never take that. Please go and sit down somewhere. People never know what they are going to do until they are in a situation. You might be able to do the "right" thing, but sometimes you might not because life is not always black or white.

To all the soldiers of love, i salute you and i wish you good luck. I don't believe love and war should co-exist. I believe that your love should be a place of peace and sanctuary from this crazy world, but what do i know. I'm not saying i don't think couples shouldn't fight or disagree but i don't think any relationship should be a battleground. If you want to be constantly fighting, go join the military.


  1. Each time I see these kinds of movies, I get chills. Abusive relationships almost never end well. God help us women.

  2. People know exactly what they want, sometimes they just need you to tell them to take the big decision.

  3. You know something o, your love should be a place of peace and not a battle field. Sometimes people think they can change the person or because of the love they profess the person will change, that is wishful thinking. Very touching video.

  4. This made me feel cold...this is not love or marriage o...

  5. First like the pic you used....ahahaha
    ok, to the crux of the what you said about until you find yourself in such situation you won't know how you would the talk of 'if it is me' do not hold water.
    Even when people eventually change, it is of their own accord and by the grace of GOD!

  6. Great post! Totally got me on the "love and wat should not co exist" line. I've been singing that for a while now. Lol

  7. So so true! I was guilty of this too. I knew I was in a relationship that I didn't think was quite right and everybody around me also thought the relationship wasn't right for me. I didn't see this initially but even after I began to see it I didn't leave immediately yet I was expert at giving my friends great relationship advice, some of them about leaving their deadbeat boyfriends. My mum had to say to me, "you are so good at giving others advice, why don't you take some of yours!" That hit home. Thankfully, I am finally out of that relationship after 13 years of going no where and I couldn't be more relieved!


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