Friday, April 12, 2013

Quiz time

Pick the two you would like in a guy/girl in order of importance and why?

I pick good looking and Intelligent.
I am not marrying an ugly or dumb person.
We can go to therapy for his emotional instability. LOL.

Seriously, you guys, i just can't be with an unattractive aka ugly person.
I can't do it.


  1. Intelligent and then good looking because I don't know what you mean by emotionally stable. And besides hopefully he is INTELLIGENT enough to be EMOTIONALLY STABLE hehe

  2. hmmm.. how ugly can I be/get ? I choose intelligence and being emotionally stable.. I can get some work done if it's that critical. of what use will I be if I am good looking and emotionally unstable ? that's messy

  3. Intelligent and emotionally stable. Just because you're not good looking doesn't make you hideous lol. And i'd much rather have a ugly boo who has his feelings in check than a sexy boo who's gonna go upside my head because i burnt the toast.

  4. Intelligent and emotionally stable. In a heartbeat. I have learned that when you like/live someone, their features become precious to you and they look beautiful anyway, even if you thought them ugly in the beginning. So as long as they are loved, the good looking thing is taken care of already. Intelligent and emotionally stable.

    1. That was supposed to be "when you like/LOVE someone" :)

  5. Intelligent and Emotionally Stable!
    Beauty it is said in the eyes of the one can get adapted to his physical features. But the other two are very essential to bonding and understanding needed in a relationship.

  6. Intelligent and emotionally stable!
    Pesin no go chop good-looking o!
    When you have an intelligent spouse, they are always pro-active in their thinking and action, and an emotional stable spouse, would know how to handle situations and won't be carried away with sentiments, but be logical in thinking! See why the 2 goes in hand?

  7. If emotional stable is what I am interpreting it to be then I'd go with emotional stable and intelligent.

  8. I would pick Emotionally stable first and foremost,( because going with unstable and intelligent you could end up with a potential serial killer on your hands)and intelligence there's only so much a good looking guy can do for you

  9. Definitely intelligent and emotionally stable. Good looking is relative. I love someone who challenges my intellect and I can have a decent intelligent conversation with. Someone whose ideas challenge me to be better and hopefully I can do the same for him too. Emotional stability is also important. I think it speaks of a certain level of maturity, steadfastness and integrity. These are all desirable qualities for me in a partner.

  10. If I were to pick I would go with intelligent and emotinally stable...
    I don't want no crazy man stirring up trouble in our house or beating me or doing any other emotionally unstable stuff (sounds like a bomb waiting to explode) lol
    Fortunately my hubby is intelligent, emotinally stable and very good looking ( and a whole lot more)...I tank God for that oooo :)


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