Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let there be Peace.....and there was Peace

People, people, people......I don't like what is going on (big picture). I believe in having disagreements where people can state their views, learn from it (and each other), sometimes agree to disagree and move on.

People are genuinely not happy with each other around here, a lot of subs and indirect messages going around, people are not comfortable leaving comments for fear of being attacked.
*coughs* me
There are certain blogs i am not comfortable leaving comments in especially after i have been accused of wanting to destroy their fun blog.
I wanted to stop leaving comments on any blog period, but i was like what the heck.
If i have something to say and i think you are cool people, i will leave a comment. 

My darling sis, Ibhade has stopped allowing comments on her blog and it seems like it's going to be a permanent thing. 

I don't like what i am seeing. I was entertained by it initially but stuff like this stops being fun after a while. 
Naijalines, who was that message to? My amebo radar missed that. LOL.

I know i have been accused of being a troublemaker in the not so distant past. I have never agreed with that label. I am just a very vocal and opinionated person about the things that mean something to me. 
I am still learning to pick my battles and for the most part that has been going good. 

I think we should all bury the hatchet.
Email each other and work things out, 
Let's all be kumbayah again. 

I miss the old blogsville. 
Anyone remember the category B awards? Those were fun. We can't even do that anymore, cos i really don't think blogsville exists anymore and it's turning out to be a bad thing. 
We used to be close and actually liked and supported each other. 

Ok people, kiss and make up. 

I am taking time out of my VERY busy schedule to post this (I have decided to stop slacking).
 So you guys need to listen to me. 
Please and thank you. 

Ah, who am i kidding? 
But i tried. 


  1. Looks like I have missed all the fun or rather I am better off with my siddon look approach...blogsville is too hot nowadays...make una do settle all the fights.

  2. Please lets give peace a chance o people.

  3. I concur. Meanwhile what was the deal with Ibhade. did anyone say something nasty in the comment box

  4. ahahahahaha, tried.
    Yes it is a permanent thing.
    Let people read for pleasure and send anything they want to say to my box at

    @doll, no, nobody said anything nasty in my comment box. I just want a change.

    And yes sting, all the indirect messages and cuss,are all from old fueds, from people who don't want to bury the hatchet and but claim they are matured.Hence, many don't comment again or comment as anonymous to avoid these bad belly people,nah no go let pesin drink water and put come down!..ahahahahahahhaa...I just tire for these people shaa...maybe dem want make people leave blogsville for them only...Am not surprised wordspress is getting wider than blogsville.

    Stella, wrote a post to warn such people who have personal grudges not to come to her blog and insult others, but do it in their own blog! Newlywed observed this early and was smart enough to post via email to people.

    I started blogging initialyl for money, then to improve my writing with constant practice and now for pleasure. Who no like to read, should waka pass, if the post pepper them for body,they can do rejoinder in their blog and let their own friends read it or cuss tire behind their lappy. E no concin me, as long as dem no come say it to my face! And when one refuse to turn the other cheek or cowering in a corner like rat, people would be complaining! Abeg! you can't please everybody!

  5. Blessings....
    The key is to respect every person’s right to their opinion-it matters little if it is "right" or "wrong" the key is understanding the person’s point of view and what they are attempting to articulate should you choice to engage in dialogue/discussion/debate.

    It is wise to note: Understanding does not mean agreeing, Accepting does not mean supporting another’s ideal, it simply means I comprehend and I see your perspective and though I may disagree I accept that it is your inherent right to feel, see, believe what you will. It’s that straight forward, that simplistic.

    When people seek to force another into agreement it’s about control-the attempt to control how the other feels, act, behave, believe in order for them to validated and comforted in their supposed rightness.

    Truth: we are not responsible for what others think or behave regardless of the supposed provocation however we are responsible for how we (ourselves) thing, behave and believe.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. @Rhapsody, I always like your objective and matured view on issues.
      Understanding does not mean agreeing.
      Accepting does not mean supporting AND
      We are not responsible for what others think or behave #GBAM!#

  6. Thank you for making me spit out my coffee! Your writing cracks me up. I usually never leave comments on blogs (esp Naija blogs) but warraheck!

    There won't be peace until people realize that the fact that the Internet gives you a cloak of anonymity doesn't mean it is OK to say rubbish to people. Best believe that all these people talking smack on the interwebs wouldn't have half the cojones to say these things face-to-face.

    People, yes, you have a right to say what you want, but if what you have to say will tear people down or cause more drama, why don't you do the world a service and keep it to your self?

  7. My dear, there is so much hate in the world and I was as surprised as you at some of the drama I found going on on some blogs. Insults flying around for very irrelevant issues ooo.

    I thank you for this post ooo, urging everyone to live in PEACE.

    @Rhapsody, I couldnt have said better than you did. "Understanding does not mean agreeing, Accepting does not mean supporting another’s ideal, it simply means I comprehend and I see your perspective and though I may disagree I accept that it is your inherent right to feel, see, believe what you will. It’s that straight forward, that simplistic."


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